Gum Paste High Heel Shoe

Sooo…I’m taking a time-out from crochet tutorials and patterns to share these gumpaste high heel shoes I made (quite) a while ago.

They aren’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I loved making them and I wish I had a whole cupboard full of gumpaste high heel shoes!

You know how they say girls are either “bag” girls or “shoe” girls?  Well I am totally a shoe girl, despite the fact that I haven’t bought more than 3 pairs of pretty shoes since Pieter was born.  But I digress.

I made this gumpaste high heel as a cake topper for my friend Liz’ sister’s birthday cake.  Liz’ sister is Helen Dunne (hence the label on the shoe), author of Trixie Trader, Light as a Feather and “It’s Not You, It’s Me”.  

I made the shoe using the template and instructions I found on CAKE STORIES by Rose Sen.  She has some excellent links to video tutorials for making gum paste shoes, both with AND without a high heel kit.

The only hint I will add to her instructions is this:  Sponges make excellent supports for a drying gumpaste shoe!!

I just wasn’t getting the right shape using wadded-up glad-wrap and as I was frantically rummaging through my cupboard I stumbled upon my stockpile of 3M sponges.  I cut one into a triangular wedge to support the foot and heel of the shoe.  I cut another one into a rounded pointy shape to support the toe.  

Not only do the sponges keep their shape, but they also allow air to circulate, meaning a reduced drying time.  Yep.  Like my friend Mike always says:  “Up there for thinking!” 

Gum Paste High Heel ShoeI did the stitching with a toothpick.  Yes!  Because somebody still hasn’t gotten around to buying a stitching tool.

Gum Paste High Heel Shoe

For the pearl accent I used edible gumpaste pearls.  I didn’t make these myself (laziness and time-constraints), but they are extremely easy to make.  This tutorial by Earlene’s Cakes is a brilliant step-by-step tutorial for making your own gumpaste pearls.Gum Paste High Heel Shoe

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Happy Gumpasting!


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6 Responses to Gumpaste High Heel Shoe

  1. Suzanne Elliott says:

    That just made me smile and then smile some more… Thanks a million

  2. Pamela Emerson says:

    Thank you so much for all the goodies I have found tonight on your site. This shoe is so cute. I thought it was a real shoe.

    • Dedri Uys says:

      Thank you, Pamela :) I really need to get a stitching tool because I think the hand-stitching on the shoe let me down. But what fun to make!!!

  3. Rhondda Mol says:

    Wow! How amazing is your shoe! Very multi-talented lady!! and good idea with the sponges!

  4. Carrie says:

    Thanks for sharing! You did a great job, they look beautiful

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