Special Agent Oso Cake

Since the boys – Bine’s and mine – were born 3 days apart, we decided to have their 1st birthday parties together.  Bine came up with the idea of having it at Gambado‘s and at about £10 a head for the kids, it was worth every golden penny!!!

So ball-crazy Jaco got his soccer ball cake and Oso crazy Olly got…

A Special Agent Oso Cake

This cake is based on one we saw on the internet, let me just say that straight off the bat before I get sued for cake copyright theft.

But I have to say as well:  some of the Oso cakes on there didn’t half make us giggle.

So I started off with Ina Gaarten’s chocolate cake, featured in one of my other posts.  These I made in rectangular cake pans.  Then I cut a no.1 from greaseproof paper and laid it on top of the cakes, cutting all around the outline to get two identical 1’s.

Layer, cover in chocolate butter cream icing (crumb coat) and into the the fridge for an hour to set.  Pop on another coat of butter cream icing and apply the rolled-out icing, smoothing out the sides as you go to avoid getting air bubbles or creases.

Pipe a little line of icing all around the bottom edge and stick on some ribbon to hide the raw edges.

Place your figurines or letters or numbers – whatever rocks your boat – and Voila!

Oso himself took me more than 2 hours to make as I was determined that he was not going to look like a kangaroo or a porcupine.  Don’t laugh.  Google Special Agent Oso Cake and see what pops up!

All this fuss for a cake the kids got to see for less than 5 minutes before the staff at Gambado’s whisked it away to have it cut.

Don’t rightly know that it was worth all the trouble, but there you go.  Another cake for my portfolio :)

For instructions on making Oso out of fondant, click here.


  1. victoria waskiewicz says

    hi thank you so much for these pictures. i spent ages trying to find a picture of a fondant oso to go with the fondant shutterbugs i made for my little boys 3rd birthday cake and yours really helped!! amazing and thanx once again

  2. Dawn says

    hi this cake is fab, well done. i want to make a similar one for my little boys first birthday soon. How excatly did u make de oso figurine?

    • admin says

      Hi Dawn. I’ve done a post on how to make the Oso if you’re still interested :) I hope it’s easy enough to understand!!

  3. Candace says

    Hey, I was also looking for an OSO cake when I came across your site, You did a beautiful job by the way. I am going to make the same on for my son Josh who is turning 1 in December, he just adores Oso. Tanks again for posting this, the cake is going to make his day. :)

  4. Sinead says

    Hi – love this and I know what you mean about the Specail Agent Cakes out there – was going to give up on the idea when I came acroos your site ! Will add you to the fav list and follow with interest. My little boy will be three soon and is a mad Oso fan !
    Regards, Sinead

    • admin says

      Thank you, Sinead! Just print out a picture of Oso and have at it with a stash of fondant. The hardest part was the face and I just put my eyes and nose onto the paper to check that they were the right size and shape.
      Congrats on the upcoming birthday!

  5. Jalilia says

    Nog nooit van Special Agent Oso gehoor, maar het hom gaan google en dit lyk presies soos hy!!!! Well Done Deeds!!!! Awesome! x

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