Cardboard and Duct Tape Sword

Good morning.  I was scrolling through fugzilla’s blog the other day when I saw a link to M0mmacat’s blog.  Scroll, scroll, scroll and voila!  A prom dress made from duct tape.  I was absolutely gobsmacked!  How is it possible that I can just keep discovering new and fascinating crafts?  How many can there possibly be?

So off I waltz to eBay to stock up on some coloured duct tape.  Having received it after almost a week of anxious waiting, I then had no idea which of the myriad projects to make.  So I didn’t make any…

…until Christiaan played “kings” with Pieter and told him he was “the good knight”.

Lightbulb moment and what a lovely use for my 101 pieces of cardboard.  These 50cm x 15cm pieces of cardboard are what’s left over when I unroll my 3m lots of Ikea Fabric for postage to their buyers :) I have thrown a lot of them away – a great pity, I know, but otherwise I would have had 200 of them and where would I keep them all???

So if you have a few of these lying around, or just any old cardboard (cut into 50cm lengths), here is the perfect little-boy-happifier!

To start, roughly draw a template for your sword.

Cut out the first piece and trace the design onto the other two pieces of cardboard.

Cut out the other 2 pieces.

Lay them all on top of each other and stick together using duct tape.  You can do this rather haphazardly as you’ll be covering everything over with duct tape anyway and we’re not aiming to win any awards.  It will probably last (if your boy is ANYTHING like mine) about 2 hours before he realizes that bending the sword gets a wonderful reaction from mom.

So around and around until you get to the bit right above the hilt

Tear a piece of duct tape about 15cm long and stick it just above and below the pointy-outy-bits.  Continue tearing pieces of duct tape and sticking them around the width of the sword.

Now take two pieces of duct tape about 10cm long and stick them over the ends of the pointy-outy-bits.

Tear off another piece of duct tape about 15cm long and tear it in half lengthwise.  Use these two thin pieces to cover the pointy bits (see photo).

Finally I stuck a few strips of red duct tape around the hilt for a bit of an accent.

I don’t think it even lasted 2 hours before being bent, but a bent sword is still a sword, right?  He doesn’t know the difference. It’s still pretty sturdy anyways.  It just wobbles when you swing it.


    • admin says

      Just a pleasure! I really like your site and I very much enjoy reading your posts. So glad I stumbled upon it. Your daughter did an amazing job with that dress. Couldn’t believe she did it herself!!! Wish I had had one like that for my matric farewell (South African prom).


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