Duct Tape Armour

Here is the how-to for the armour that goes with the sword in this post.

First, make a fabric swatch from your duct tape.  To do that, tear pieces of duct tape to the desired length and stick them onto your work surface, overlapping them by about 0.5 cm as you go.  I have used 6 lengths to get the desired width.

Now turn this swatch around so that it is sticky-side up.

Tear more duct tape and stick it onto the swatch in the same fashion as before to create your fabric.

Repeat the whole procedure so that you have 2 pieces of duct tape fabric.  Cut them to equal sizes, making sure that you get rid of all the ragged edges.

Take 4 strips of duct tape and stick one over each end to get a nice finish.  Do this by sticking half the strip to the one side of the edge and then folding it over to stick to the other side.  Trim off any yukky bits.

Now put the two pieces a distance apart.  You are going to form the two straps that will keep the two pieces of the armour (hmmm should really call it a tabard to be correct, hey?) suspended over the shoulders.  So before you start you have to measure the distance between the bottoms of the armpits, going over the shoulder from back to front.  Does that make sense?  When you have this distance (30cm in Pieter’s case because I added a bit for good measure), place the two pieces that far apart.

Take 2 strips of duct tape long enough to cover this distance and then some, and stick the them down onto your work surface and your two panels.

Flip the whole thing around and stick two more strips onto the first ones in the same fashion as before.  Unless you want to stick the armour to your young prince, in which case you just leave the duct tape exposed…hehe.

Now we’re going to make some loops for the belt to fit through.  Tear two short strips of duct tape and two even shorter ones.  Affix them as shown in the photo.

Tear into thirds lengthwise.

Stick them down on the armour where you want them to be (I place them about 10cm from the top of my fabric swatch).  Don’t stick them flat.  When you have stuck down the top of a strip, push the strip up a little bit so that it forms a bit of a loop.  It will be easier to feed the belt through if you do this.

To make the belt, Take a loooong length of duct tape (red if you have it :)) and fold it in half lengthwise.

Repeat the steps for making the loops, but use only 2 pieces, not 4 (so one completed swatch).

Tear into thirds. and wrap around the belt to form loops.  Remember to keep the open sides of the loops to the same side of the belt, otherwise you’re going to be in a pickle.

This is what it will look like.

Cut a tiny strip off the opposite side of the belt.

Fold the tip over (by about 2cm).

And stick down.  If you don’t do this, the end of the belt will be floppy and difficult to feed through the loops.

And there you have it!  Pieter wore the armour/tabard for about 4 minutes before declaring:  “You be KING, Pappa!”  So my husband ran around for about half an hour wearing the way-too-small-for-him armour.  And notice the spiderman pj’s peeking out from under the armour :)


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