DIY Coloured Swaddling Blanket

DIY Coloured Swaddling Blanket

Transform a dreary snuggle blanket into a thing of beauty using good old dye and a front-loader washing machine. There was nothing that could calm my sons down like being wrapped almost-too-tight and swayed back and forth while I hissed in their ears like a deranged woman.

Octopus Amish Puzzle Ball

Oliver: Octopus Amish Puzzle Ball Pattern

Oliver the Octopus is a modified Amish Puzzle Ball.  He comes apart into 3 segments that can be taken apart and reassembled at will.  He is made from upcycled clothes – in this case an old torn Long Tall Sally Jean and a stained baby t-shirt. If you are put off because this project looks […]

Adding a lining to a crochet bag

Crochet Stroller Bag: Optional Fabric Liner

I added a Fabric Liner and pocket to my crochet stroller bag to show you that this bag is not only perfect for a stroller bag or a market bag, but it can also serve as a purse.  You can find the pattern for the bag here. The measurements I use are tailored to this […]

How to make a Baby Bandana Bib

How to Make a Baby Bandana Bib

It’s a Bandana Bib, Baby! I think a Baby Bandana Bib is just about the cutest thing a little boy can wear.  And I think it is the only item of baby boy clothing that kicks any frilly dress’ ass!  They are also incredibly simple to make.  Anyone that can use a pair of scissors […]

DIY Superhero Cape

Superhero Cape Pattern

    I had such a lot of fun designing and making these capes for Pieter’s Superhero party.  I like that they can be worn as masked capes or without the mask.  The girls all preferred without.  The boys all preferred with :) They are incredibly easy to make as you only need to be able […]

Fabric hearts (2)

Fabric Hearts

Another something I didn’t make. When we went to South Africa for Anmarie’s wedding I took a VAST amount of photos.  I say wedding.  What I actually mean is wedding reception.  The ceremony itself was small and beautiful and happened about two weeks before our visit to South Africa.  The reception was big and boisterous […]