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Vitaminer Bil Duvet Cover 300x225 Hand made Ikea Cot Bedding

So many cars, so many colours

So in September last year I decided to make Pieter a duvet cover using Ikea Vitaminer Bil fabric.  I absolutely love this fabric and use it in a lot of crafts.  I drive all the way to Wembley Ikea and stock up on about 10 rolls of this (3m per roll).  Then I sell the fabric on on eBay.  The nice thing about selling Ikea products on eBay is that Ikea does not deliver small items, so people who live far away from an Ikea (and there aren’t that many stores around) are a lot more likely to buy things off eBay than make the huge trek to a local Ikea.  And anyone who has ever been to an Ikea store knows that it is a MISSION and a half to go through the whole store just for a piece of fabric.

I make very little money from this, probably £10-£15 a month, but the psychological effect is immense.  Every time I want to spend a pound, I am reminded of how much trouble I’m going to have to go to to make it back.

I have never been good at saving (or budgeting!!!) and this last year has been a severe test in money management.  A pound seems so little and it’s so easy to spend.  Were I back in South Africa and buying the exact same thing, I would look at it and go:  “R10????!!!! Never worth it,” and walk away.  But a pound…one little round coin…

So I keep selling this fabric as a way to remind myself that every pound – and penny – counts.  And it works :)

Just as an aside:  if you followed the eBay link above, you might have seen that I charge £3 per meter when it only costs £5 for 3 meters.  You have to factor in the petrol, the 2 hours spent getting there and back to buy the fabric, listing charges, eBay fees, Paypal fees (which are rediculous for small items as you pay 30p plus 4% per transaction), time spent cutting and packaging fabric, time spent listing fabric, time spent printing/writing addresses…whew!  The list just grows.  So if I make 70p per meter, It is 70p I work hard for!

Back to the duvet.  I bought a LEN quilt from Ikea for £7.99.  A word of caution, though.  This quilt is very warm and with central heating and what not, I find it too warm for Pieter to sleep under most nights.

I also got a DVALA sheet, which I cut up and used for the back of the duvet cover.  This worked out a lot cheaper than buying fabric by the meter :)

He still wasn’t impressed with my efforts :(

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One Response to Hand-made Ikea Cot Bedding

  1. Jalila says:

    Jy’s reg….elke sent tel. Maar ek dink jy kan meer vra, klink vir my na vrek baie moeite vir net 70p!!!

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