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This necklace is made from upcycled buttons and crochet thread.  I made it for a friend of mine and forgot to take pictures of it before I gave it away, so I made another one for myself.  It takes less than an hour to clobber together.


Size 8 crochet thread

2mm crochet hook


61 small buttons and 1 large button


Take 150 cm of size 8 crochet cotton and thread it through the eye of a needle small enough to fit through the holes in your buttons.

Thread your first small button by inserting the needle from the back to the front through one hole and then from the front to the back through the next hole.  You want your two long tails to be to the back of the button.  Pull the button along the thread until it is about 30 cm from the end of the thread.  Work through both holes 2 or 3 more times to secure the button into position.

Thread your next button in the same fashion, but insert your needle only once in each of the 2 holes.  Thread the next 28 in the same way. 

Now pull the buttons towards the first button.  You want the second button to be facing backwards with its first hole lined up to the second hole of the first button.  The third one will be facing forward, fourth one backwards…

When you have moved all 30 buttons in this manner, thread a large button of your choice and pull it so that it’s first hole lines up with the second hole of the last button.  Depending on it’s size, it will overlap with one or two buttons on either side, but that does not matter.  Just pull it as tight as you can.

Now thread 30 more buttons and pull tight as before.  When you get to the last button, make sure that all your buttons are sitting nice and tight against each other. 

Work through the holes in the last button a couple of times to secure it. 

Before swapping the needle for the crochet hook, thread your yarn through the loops of thread at the back of your last button.  Do not pull the thread tight. 

You want to create a little loop that you can use to start off your crochet section.

With a 2mm crochet hook, chain 35.  Slip stitch in the 10th chain from hook and in every chain thereafter until you get back to the first chain stitch.  Bind off and work the end of your thread into your work.

Using the needle again, thread the other long tail through the loops at the back of the first button, leaving a loop to start your crochet with.  Thread a button in the same manner as all the others and leave it close to the end of the thread.

Using your crochet needle, crochet 25 chain stitches.  Pull the button right up to the last crochet stitch.  Slip stitch all the way back to the beginning.  Bind off and work away the tail.

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