Paper Drinking Straw Templates

Paper Drinking Straw Templates

I don’t know if you can remember the post I did a while ago about Making Your Own Paper Drinking Straws.  It remains one of my favourite crafts and has proven to be quite popular.  If you’ve never seen my DIY Paper Drinking Straws, feel free to have a look.  The tutorial is loaded with […]

Christmas Card Printable

Last-minute Christmas Card Printable

So it’s a few days before Christmas and up until this morning I had no Christmas cards to give to friends and neighbours.  The situation was easily remedied by using Microsoft Publisher and some stock-standard white cards to print my very own Christmas cards.  And because I love sharing, I have attached the two images […]

make your own diy paper drinking straws

Soy Wax versus Paraffin Wax – DIY Paper Drinking Straws

So a while ago I made my own paper drinking straws.  I promised to find out if soy wax would work as a substitute for the paraffin wax used to seal these beauties. And did it work? The short answer is: no! The long answer is:  no, it did not!! But as I have gone […]

DIY Bath Paint (16)

Make Your Own: Waterproof Labels

 Waterproof Labels A few weeks ago I shared a recipe for making your own bath paints.  And now I am sharing the how-to for the labels I used. I know there is no need to  label your kids’ bath paints as it will be quite obvious which colour is which.  At least it will be […]

Blue Paper Dollhouse Printable

Blue Paper Dollhouse

And so I make my way into the world of paper art:  with a Blue Paper Dollhouse.  I didn’t make this dollhouse for anyone.  I just made it to make it.  I realized that designing stuff on the computer is a completely free craft (if you use Microsoft Word – don’t laugh – and provided […]