Paper Money Roses

R100 Papier Roos - Paper Money Rose

Paper Money Roses

I made these paper money roses for my sister-in-law when she got married.  If the photos aren’t up to scratch, I’m sorry.  I took as many as I could while secreting the project from her – we were all staying on her parents’ farm before the wedding.

People love getting money anyway, but it feels so bland handing someone just an envelope…

This way the crafter gets that much-craved “Wow!  You made this?  Look at this, isn’t it amazing?”  Oooh, I can just feel the high.  Who can I make this for next?  And more importantly, where can I get my hands on some Zim Dollars?  Hehe…


On a Completely Random Note:

How to make a collage in GIMP

This is my very first collage.  I’ve been seeing them all over the interweb and feel a bit stupid because I haven’t caught up to the trend yet.  It does seem a whole lot easier (and more eye-catching) than adding a million photos and instructions one by one.  For the (very comprehensive and foolproof) tutorial I used, click HERE.  Thank you Chris Clementi for this idiot’s guide to Collaging in GIMP.  Yes, Collaging is a word.  Even though my spellchecker wants to change it to collagen.



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