Cat in the Hat Crochet Pattern

Cat in the hat crochet pattern

 Cat in the hat crochet pattern

 Cat in the Hat Crochet Pattern

Chunky Hat and Bow Tie

Pieter’s nursery had a dress-up day on Friday to celebrate World Book Day.  I didn’t have a costume for him, so I grabbed The Cat In The Hat and proceeded to crochet a slightly lopsided red and white hat.  Because it was 9 o’clock when I remembered about the costume (I had remembered earlier in the day, but as always seems to happen, I had forgotten again), I used the biggest hook I could comfortably wield and as many strands of chunky yarn as I could comfortably work with. I am sharing this haphazard pattern with you, but it is by no means a perfect hat and the bow tie is quite rough and tumble!

You will need:

  • the crochet hook called for by your chosen size
  • 100-180 g of chunky red yarn (2/3 strands together, depending on your chosen size)
  • 100-180 g of chunky white yarn (again 2/3 strands together, depending on your chosen size)
  • Scrap black yarn (optional embroidery)
  • Yarn needle
  • Brooch pin/safety pins to attach the bow tie to a t-shirt

Cat in the hat crochet pattern Cat in the hat crochet pattern

You can leave the hat as it is, or you can use some black yarn to embroider some “folds” onto it.

This is a very simple and relatively quick project.  After much consideration I have decided against altering the pattern for every size.  It is much simpler to just alter your hook size and the number of strands of chunky yarn you use.  So with the chart provided on the front page of the pattern (pictured below), you can make a hat to fit the tiniest head or the biggest loaf.

Click on the image below to download the FREE Cat in The Hat Crochet Pattern PDF.

FREE Cat in The Hat Crochet Pattern

Have fun and please contact me if you have any questions.

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Cat in the hat crochet pattern


  1. Stephanie says

    I am having the hardest time with this pattern. It’s adorable, but I can’t seem to make the three strands together work with my size N hook. I even tried two strands together and am failing. Do you have any tips? Any alternate pattern suggestions using just one strand? I don’t want to not make this adorable hat.

    • Dedri Uys says

      Hi Stephanie. Depending on the size you want to make, you can use a bulkier yarn and change the hook to match the gauge supplied (which is for 10 cm’s (4″) using single crochet stitches). Maybe you can use a super bulky yarn? If it works up too big, just go down a hook size and see if that works?

      I hope this helps,


  2. thewellhunt says

    The choral group I’m in will be singing Hats next week, so I decided the Cat in the Hat hat would be perfect to make and wear. Your pattern was very well-written and easy to follow. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Kylie G says

    Hi! Thanks for the pattern. I want to make this for my daughter but I’m having a hard time understanding the gauge. Can you help me? What does 9 stitches x 10 rows mean? Thank you!

    • Dedri Uys says

      Hi Kylie. I am not exactly sure what you are asking me. Do you want to know what gauge is and how to measure it, or do you just want to know how big 9 stitches and 10 rows will work out to? If you just want to know the latter, a swatch of 9 stitches and 10 rows should measure 10 cm (4″).

      I hope this helps and if it doesn’t, just get back to me and I will email you. Good luck x

  4. Carri DeBolt says

    Just wanted to let you know that my adult size hat turned out perfectly using the directions you wrote.
    I used a size “N” hook. I wanted to send you a photo but couldn’t figure out how to download it.
    Thanks so much for sharing your crochet knowledge with others!

    • Dedri Uys says

      I am so pleased, Carri. I would love to see it :) You can share photos on my facebook page or you can always use the contact form (found at the top of the website) to email me a picture.

  5. Carri DeBolt says

    My cousin reads The Cat in the Hat at elementary schools in the Mojave Desert – I am
    making this hat for her to wear during her presentations. Can I ask a dumb question?
    What is a Magic Ring? as in the first instruction.
    Thanks so much for offering this for others to enjoy!

    • Dedri Uys says

      Hi Carri. A magic ring (or adjustable loop) is just a way to start crochet-in-the-round projects without leaving an obvious hole. You can find loads of tutorials on Youtube. If you prefer, you can always start like this: Ch 4 and join to the first ch with a sl st to form a ring. Then work the stitches of the first round into this ring.

  6. linda says

    Love your crochet pattern for cat in the ha t Hat.
    I am looking for a crochet pattern for the toy doll ” the cat in the hat ”

    • Dedri Uys says

      Hi Linda. I’ve had a good look around on the internet, but still haven’t managed to find a patter for a cat in the hat toy, sorry.

  7. Rae Haller says

    Thank you so much! I know you say you will make up pattern for larger circumferences, but will they be large enough for an adult? Hope so!

    Cat in the Hat hat,
    And the bow too!
    And for that
    Here’ a big THANK YOU!

    • Dedri Uys says

      After much consideration, I have decided to go with bigger and smaller hooks, rather than re-writing the whole pattern. I will update the pattern soon. Until then, a 10mm crochet hook and 3 strands of chunky yarn, worked to a gauge of 8 st’s x 8 rows (this is important!) should give you a hat big enough for a grown man.


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