crochet fortune cookies

Fortune Cookies Crochet Pattern

This pattern is super super easy and takes about 10 minutes to crochet and 5 minutes to stuff.

I used double knit yarn and a 4 mm crochet hook (US 6/G  UK 8).


  1. Into a magic ring:  Ch 1, 6 x sc.
  2. Make 2 sc’s into each st around. (12)
  3. (Make 2 sc’s in the next st, sc in next st) 6 times.  (18)
  4. (Make 2 sc’s in the next st, sc in next 2 st’s) 6 times.  (24)
  5. (Make 2 sc’s in the next st, sc in next 3 st’s) 6 times.  (30)
  6. (Make 2 sc’s in the next st, sc in next 4 st’s) 6 times.  (36)
  7. (Make 2 sc’s in the next st, sc in next 5 st’s) 6 times.  (42)
  8. (Make 2 sc’s in the next st, sc in next 6 st’s) 6 times.  (48)
  9. (Make 2 sc’s in the next st, sc in next 7 st’s) 6 times (54).

Sl st in next st and bind off.

crochet fortune cookies


Fold your basic circle in half and sew the rounded edges together with a yarn needle.  Stuff the fortune cookie before closing the last few st’s.

Now press lightly in the middle of the straight edge while you bring the two corners together.  This will cause the cookie to bulge instead of fold.

Sew the two corners together and work away your tails of yarn.


crochet fortune cookies

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Happy Hooking!


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4 Responses to Crochet Fortune Cookies

  1. Minette says:

    Do you hide something inside?

    • admin says:

      I didn’t. I was too lazy to figure out how to make the pattern in such a way that you could…without ripping it apart to get to the “hidden object”…sigh

  2. Fugzilla says:

    Okay, I’m definitely going to make these, TODAY! thx for the pattern!

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