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I’m so excited about this Tractor!!!

Last night Christiaan said:  “It doesn’t really look like a tractor, does it?”

“Of course it looks like a tractor,” I replied.  “What else does it look like?”

But a little niggling doubt settled in my stomach.  What if this project is a failure?

No worries!  This morning Pieter comes running into our room (he’s usually locked in via stair gate, but he was still asleep when we got up, so we opened the gate and waited for his majesty to make an appearance).

“Ooooh.  Yook.  A tractor.  I yike-a dat gjeen one tractor.”

Success!!!  That boy is fast becoming my favourite fan.  (Mom, you’re still my biggest fan, but that boy…)  There is no feeling in the world like the approval of a 2-year old :)

Crochet Tractor and Crochet Car

This is the second in my series of crochet toys aimed at my boys.  I fear there won’t be enough hours in my already-full days to think up, write and make all the vehicles I want to make.  And that’s only the vehicles.  What about the play food and the animals and…and…and…

I need a bar-one day.  Those have 25 hours, for those of you who didn’t grow up with this South-African delight.

Update 10/10/12:  This pattern can now be found by following this Tractor Pattern link.

Photo time:


  1. kiml says

    I was also thinking of crocheting a John Deere hat, but the worsted weight is too heavy for summer months?

    • Dedri Uys says

      Maybe, but if you use wool (which breathes and doesn’t overheat kids like acrylic does) you should be fine. x

  2. Jalila says

    Ek dink dis ‘n bevange trekker!!! En as Pietie kon sien dis ‘n trekker dan is enigeiemand wat anders sê stupid! Watse voertuie het jy nog in gedagte? ‘n Brandweerwa??? xxx


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