I had fish pie once before I stumbled upon this recipe.  We actually had it in a pub just after I arrived in England 6 years ago.  It would have been a Wetherspoons.  The day Christiaan bought me a £5 kettle from Argos and I almost fell over backwards because the kettle was so cheap.  All I could think of was the four or five dead kettles in my dad’s garage in South Africa just waiting to be used as spares should the current kettle conk it.  Who needs to hold onto kettles for spares if you can buy them cheaper than lunch?

Clearly the kettle’s price impressed me far more than the fish pie. 

Fast forward 4 years and voila!  Rachel Allen makes a fish pie on tv that I can practically taste as she is preparing it…

I had to try it and I have made it quite a few times since.  Apparently I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO try Jamie Oliver’s fish pie, as advised by one of the oncologists at work – the one that sounds like Colin Firth…

…but until I have tried it this will be my favourite (and only) fish pie recipe.

I have also successfully made this pie using Sainsbury’s Basics White Fish Fillets (520g)Cheap and cheerful, why not.  (Just don’t buy cheap plonk, because that WILL ruin it!)

 Find the recipe here on the BBC Good Food Site.

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