Elmo Cookies Royal Icing

How to Make Elmo Cookies

How to Make Elmo Cookies with Royal Icing My Jaco is crazy about Elmo, so I made these cookies for his Elmo-themed birthday party almost a year ago.  I remembered the photos of the party being a lot better than they are.  Imagine my sadness when I went to finally write this post only to realize […]

Superhero Pop Art Party Table Decoration

DIY Superhero Pop Art Party: Fun and Frugal Ideas

My eldest recently turned 4.  To celebrate the occasion we had a Superhero Pop Art Party.  We only invited 6 other children as our house and garden is rather small and you can never tell what the English weather will do.  As it turned out we had a beautiful day, but if it had been […]

Hello Kitty Party Collage

Hello Kitty Party: DIY Ideas

To my mind every crafter should have a little girl in her life for whom she can make all things pink and frilly.  Sometimes I am reminded of the fact that I don’t have one of those hanging around.  This is one of those times. When I saw these photos on Elizma’s facebook page I […]