Gelatin glue and corn starch glue recipes

Make your own GLUE

Here you will find my favourite 2 home-made glue recipes:  Tacky Gelatin Glue and Corn starch glue/paste. I have used corn starch glue quite a bit and have really liked the results.  But my new favourite is gelatin glue!  It is a bit more of a hassle to use once it has cooled down, because […]

Half finished clay man

Half-finished Clay Man

My husband is a man of many talents.  But given the choice he would much rather watch football than make something.  And he gets frustrated very quickly.  I keep telling him that what something looks like half-way through is NO indication of what it will look like when he’s done.  But he gets to the […]

Dedri Uys Galaxy Note Bokeh


It’s the annual Impact Photographic Photo Challenge again! I meant to blog about this sooner, I really did.  It would have been nice, wouldn’t it, because then you could have entered. I can only apologize and hope that you will earmark it for next year. This Challenge is the brain child of the people over at Impact Photographic […]

Painted Plant Pots

Painted Plant Pots

My parents-in-law are visiting us for 2 weeks after a short stint in Dubai.  It is so nice to see the kids blossom because of the contact with Ouma and Oupa.  Jaco is finally big enough to realize what grandparents are. I wonder how the kids will react when they leave.  I wish I didn’t […]

Elmien Uys Art (15)

My Mother-in-law’s Art

As the title suggests, I did not paint these.  My Mother-in-law, Elmien Uys, has found her inner artist and churns these paintings out like nobody’s business.  Every time we go home (to South Africa, that is) we bring a few back.