Crochet Elephant Lovie Pattern Lookatwhatimade

Crochet Elephant Lovie

I have now updated the pattern for Grace the Crochet Elephant Lovie with better photos and a simplified head. I have also altered the blanket to be slightly smaller so that it is more proportionate.

DIY Coloured Swaddling Blanket

DIY Coloured Swaddling Blanket

Transform a dreary snuggle blanket into a thing of beauty using good old dye and a front-loader washing machine. There was nothing that could calm my sons down like being wrapped almost-too-tight and swayed back and forth while I hissed in their ears like a deranged woman.

FREE Baby Elephant Crochet Pattern

Free Baby Elephant Crochet Pattern

Meimei means little sister in Chinese.  And isn’t it the perfect name for this little baby elephant crochet pattern? Meimei is 11 cm from front to back (not including her trunk) and 9 cm high (4.3″ x 3.5″).  Perfect, right?  She has movable limbs, so she can sit and stand with ease. She takes very little […]

Is it Knit? Crochet Hat

True Crochet Stockinette: The Waistcoat Stitch

I have had the privilege of testing this lovely Is it Knit? Crochet Hat pattern for Rhondda from Oombawka Design.  And it’s easy to see where she got the name from.  The particular stitch she uses yields a true stockinette finish.  Is that impressive?  YES!  I think every crocheter in the world has tried, at […]