Crochet Mesh Bag Pattern

Crochet Mesh Bag from T-shirt Yarn

I’m going back to basics with these crochet mesh bags.  While I was going through some of my older posts (*blush*, because the first ones were horrendously primitive!), I stumbled upon my Mini Plarn Tote Crochet Pattern.  I decided to tidy the pattern up just a tiny bit…and then wondered what had happened to the […]

Adding a lining to a crochet bag

Crochet Stroller Bag: Optional Fabric Liner

I added a Fabric Liner and pocket to my crochet stroller bag to show you that this bag is not only perfect for a stroller bag or a market bag, but it can also serve as a purse.  You can find the pattern for the bag here. The measurements I use are tailored to this […]

Perfectly Paisley Crochet Pattern

Mama Chicken Crochet Pattern

This  FREE Mama Chicken Crochet Pattern was a very spontaneous affair.  After I made my Super Quick Easter Chicks, I thought they looked awfully lonely without a mother.  And then I thought:  If I make a Mama Chicken, I might as well make her into a bag so that all the little chicks can have a safe […]

Crochet Tote pattern

Sturdy Crochet Tote Pattern

This is a very easy pattern and I’m really happy with the way this Tote turned out.  The only word of caution, though, is that this bag EATS yarn.  So I would suggest raiding someone else’s stash or buying your yarn in bulk off of eBay.  (Maybe your local freecycle?  You can never be too […]