Gum Paste High Heel Shoe

Gumpaste High Heel Shoe

Making gumpaste high heel shoes is not nearly as tricky as it looks. This was my first gumpaste high heel and it won’t be my last! There is only one thing better than a pretty high heel and that is a pretty high heel on a cake :)

Carrot Oat Bars Recipe

Carrot Oat Bars {Recipe}

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with these Carrot Oat Bars. The boys (husband included) loved them and we scoffed the lot within 36 hours. I barely had time to take pictures before they were gone.

Chocolate is good for you

6 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Good For You

To celebrate Chocolate Week, I am going to share 6 reasons why chocolate is good for you (in moderation, of course!). And because I am such a huge fan of chocolate, I am also going to share six of my favourite chocolate recipes.

Karringmelk Beskuit Resep

Buttermilk Rusks (Karringmelk Beskuit)

You can call these tea-time treats ‘Rusks’, but if you want to be accurate, you should really call them Beskuit. Looks a little bit like biscuit, doesn’t it, but they aren’t biscuits.  Biscotti?  Almost, but not quite.  Beskuit is a South African treat that will make even the most manly Boer’s knees go a little […]

Fondant Fairy Cake

Fairy Cake

This Fairy Cake is one I made ages and ages ago and just never got around to posting.  The fairy started out as a thin little ballerina-like figure and ended up a bit like a hunchback secret eater.  But never mind. I followed this tutorial to make the fairy (albeit quite loosely).  It is choc-full […]