Sweet-filled gingerbread house

Mini Sweet-filled gingerbread house – frugal Christmas gifts

 Make Some Sweet-filled Gingerbread Houses We are having another frugal Christmas.  What am I saying?  Every Christmas is frugal!  I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about…or maybe you don’t?  But I’m going to assume you landed on this page because you are looking for cheap and cheerful little “gifts”. And can anything be […]

Elmo Cookies Royal Icing

How to Make Elmo Cookies

How to Make Elmo Cookies with Royal Icing My Jaco is crazy about Elmo, so I made these cookies for his Elmo-themed birthday party almost a year ago.  I remembered the photos of the party being a lot better than they are.  Imagine my sadness when I went to finally write this post only to realize […]

How to make a cookie cutter with a tin can

Make a Cookie Cutter From a Tin Can

 How to make a Cookie Cutter Skull When I went to make some Halloween Cookies the other day I realized that I didn’t have any suitable cookie cutters.  I though:  “Hey, a tin can is metal, isn’t it?  And it’s bendable.  I don’t know if it’s safe, but there’s only one way to find out…” […]

Superhero Pop Art Party Table Decoration

DIY Superhero Pop Art Party: Fun and Frugal Ideas

My eldest recently turned 4.  To celebrate the occasion we had a Superhero Pop Art Party.  We only invited 6 other children as our house and garden is rather small and you can never tell what the English weather will do.  As it turned out we had a beautiful day, but if it had been […]

Make Black Royal Icing Using Black Fondant

How to Colour Royal Icing Black Without Gel Colours

 There has always got to be a story with me, hasn’t there?  And this one begins with a wonderfully wet walk. Christiaan has gone to work today after two weeks of annual leave.  That means that I had to do the nursery run with all three boys in tow and it was RAINING!  Jaco and […]