Half finished clay man

Half-finished Clay Man

My husband is a man of many talents.  But given the choice he would much rather watch football than make something.  And he gets frustrated very quickly.  I keep telling him that what something looks like half-way through is NO indication of what it will look like when he’s done.  But he gets to the […]

Make Black Royal Icing Using Black Fondant

How to Colour Royal Icing Black Without Gel Colours

 There has always got to be a story with me, hasn’t there?  And this one begins with a wonderfully wet walk. Christiaan has gone to work today after two weeks of annual leave.  That means that I had to do the nursery run with all three boys in tow and it was RAINING!  Jaco and […]

Boys Unlimited

Will you admit that you sometimes struggle with your children?

Bine, Olly and Jamie stayed over last night.  For those of you who don’t know, or have forgotten, Christiaan and I used to share a house with Bine and Neil.  We lived together for 3 years, until the number of kids between us made the arrangement impossible. Their youngest son, Jamie, is 2 months old […]

Alexander Uys


Six weeks after giving  birth to the newest member of our family I am finally sitting down and FORCING myself to write a post.  Do not for one moment think that I have been sitting on my ass – well, I’ve been doing quite a lot of that whilst feeding, but that doesn’t count. It feels like there […]

Bead Ostrich

Not-so-sunny South Africa

Welcome back to cyberspace to me! We got back from South Africa three Wednesdays ago now and I have since been trying to catch up on sleep, health and cleaning. I started this post just after we got back, but have been feeling ROTTEN since then.  Chest, sinusitis and the worst headache I’ve had in my […]


Succulent succulent

Try saying that 20 times in a row while still maintaining your grasp on the english language. I have had this plant for over 5 years and not once in all that time has it had babies… …until about 4 months ago.  Not only did it have about 50 babies, but the mommy shot up like […]


I have many bad habits.  The most disgusting of these is my nail-biting.  I have been biting my nails since I was about 2.  My mother, bless her, tried every remedy under the sun.  Including, but not limited to, bribery and threats.  I have stopped biting my nails three times and twice (present included) I have […]