DIY Coloured Swaddling Blanket

DIY Coloured Swaddling Blanket

Transform a dreary snuggle blanket into a thing of beauty using good old dye and a front-loader washing machine. There was nothing that could calm my sons down like being wrapped almost-too-tight and swayed back and forth while I hissed in their ears like a deranged woman.

Knit Amish Puzzle Ball

Knit Amish Puzzle Ball Pattern

If you have used any of my patterns before, you’ll know that my pointy-thing of choice is a crochet hook, not a knitting needle.  But I really wanted to give you knitters out there the opportunity to make a Knit Amish puzzle Ball, so on I missioned with my very basic knitting skills. I would […]

Christmas Card Printable

Last-minute Christmas Card Printable

So it’s a few days before Christmas and up until this morning I had no Christmas cards to give to friends and neighbours.  The situation was easily remedied by using Microsoft Publisher and some stock-standard white cards to print my very own Christmas cards.  And because I love sharing, I have attached the two images […]

DIY Bath Paint (16)

Make Your Own: Waterproof Labels

 Waterproof Labels A few weeks ago I shared a recipe for making your own bath paints.  And now I am sharing the how-to for the labels I used. I know there is no need to  label your kids’ bath paints as it will be quite obvious which colour is which.  At least it will be […]

How to make a cookie cutter with a tin can

Make a Cookie Cutter From a Tin Can

 How to make a Cookie Cutter Skull When I went to make some Halloween Cookies the other day I realized that I didn’t have any suitable cookie cutters.  I though:  “Hey, a tin can is metal, isn’t it?  And it’s bendable.  I don’t know if it’s safe, but there’s only one way to find out…” […]