Scrap Yarn Project Crochet Organza Bag Lookatwhatimade

Scrap Yarn Project: Crochet Organza Bag Using a Magic Ball

I am sure you all have plenty of scrap yarn lying around.  I certainly do!  So today I want to talk about using your scrap yarn (and, let’s face it, making space so you can buy more yarn)! I am also sharing a quick scrap-buster project in the shape of a crochet organza bag (or […]

DIY Coloured Swaddling Blanket

DIY Coloured Swaddling Blanket

Transform a dreary snuggle blanket into a thing of beauty using good old dye and a front-loader washing machine. There was nothing that could calm my sons down like being wrapped almost-too-tight and swayed back and forth while I hissed in their ears like a deranged woman.

Octopus Amish Puzzle Ball

Oliver: Octopus Amish Puzzle Ball Pattern

Oliver the Octopus is a modified Amish Puzzle Ball.  He comes apart into 3 segments that can be taken apart and reassembled at will.  He is made from upcycled clothes – in this case an old torn Long Tall Sally Jean and a stained baby t-shirt. If you are put off because this project looks […]

Giraffe Puzzle

Gemina: Crochet Giraffe Puzzle

Gemina the Crochet Giraffe Puzzle Update July 2014:  This pattern is no longer available as a stand-alone pattern.  Instead it will soon be available as part of a book by Annie’s Publishing. It feels like years since I posted my last crochet puzzle pattern (although it has just been a month).  And so I am […]

Flower Child FREE Crochet Pattern

Grandma Perkins Magical Flower Child Crochet Pattern

 Magical Flower Child Crochet Pattern by Pan Perkins Once again my friend Pan is kindly sharing one of her crochet patterns with us.  And as Easter is coming up, it would make the perfect little addition for your Easter basket. This Flower Child crochet pattern will yield a little hollow doll that inverts into a […]

DIY T-Shirt Shag Rug

DIY T-Shirt Shag Rug

You can make your own shag rug from t-shirt yarn or cut-up t-shirts. It is luscious under foot and fun to make. And the price? Fabulously free!

Fabric Yarn HOW TO (3)

HOW TO Make T-shirt Yarn

  I am sure the internet is full of a million explanations and tutorials on making yarn from t-shirts.  I am about to give you my ten cent’s worth :) This is for Pie, my sister-in-law, because she couldn’t quite figure it out.  So here goes: HOW to make t-shirt yarn Get an old t-shirt […]