Royal Icing Recipe

Royal Icing Recipe

I use royal icing A LOT!  And every time I write a post about something involving royal icing, I write the recipe out again.  So I thought I should probably give this recipe its very own post and just go crazy with the links. There are two versions for making Royal Icing.  One is whipped, […]

Amarula Butter Cream Icing Recipe

Amarula Icing Recipe

Just a quick one today.  I am back at work and don’t have a lot of time.  But if I don’t post something I might descend into an even deeper despondency.  The life of a just-returned-to-work-after-maternity-leave mother… …anyone want to swap for a week or two? Anyway…   This recipe hails from Anmarie’s wedding reception. […]

The "Cape Pop" Quick alternative to a cake pop

Marshmallow Superheroes

 Although my husband thinks these marshmallow Superheroes look more like villains than heroes, I love them! And they are so quick to make. No baking, mashing, icing, dipping… well, maybe a little bit of dipping… For your “Cape” Pops, you will need: White Candy Melts A bag of white Marshmallows Sprinkles Black Royal Icing – […]

Make Black Royal Icing Using Black Fondant

How to Colour Royal Icing Black Without Gel Colours

 There has always got to be a story with me, hasn’t there?  And this one begins with a wonderfully wet walk. Christiaan has gone to work today after two weeks of annual leave.  That means that I had to do the nursery run with all three boys in tow and it was RAINING!  Jaco and […]

3-tier Ivory Striped Wedding Cake

DIY Wedding Cake Part 6: Assembly and Transportation

Wake up, sleepy-head!  It’s the day of the Wedding!  Have you made your Gum Paste Roses?  Have you baked, iced and decorated your cakes (as much as is possible before assembly)?  Do you have all your tools and equipment? Right.  Then you are now ready for Assembly and Transportation – in whichever order you prefer – before […]

Crumb coated cakes waiting to be Iced

DIY Wedding Cake Part 4: Icing the Cakes

Good morning! It’s two days before the wedding and by now you have bought all your Tools and Ingredients, made your Gum Paste Roses and Baked Your Cakes.  You might also have a few more grey hairs.  I know I do. Your cakes have spent the night resting on the table (well covered, of course) and are as ready […]