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Greatest Hits 2014

Greatest Hits 2014: Celebrate 2014 with me by reliving the most popular crochet patterns and tutorials on Lookatwhatimade. What a great year it has been!

Chocolate is good for you

6 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Good For You

To celebrate Chocolate Week, I am going to share 6 reasons why chocolate is good for you (in moderation, of course!). And because I am such a huge fan of chocolate, I am also going to share six of my favourite chocolate recipes.

Oupa Klein

Rest in Peace Oupa Collin

Oupa Collin Uys 20 January 1926 – 19 February 2013 There is no easy way to start a post about death, so I will start at the beginning. My grandmother’s first husband, Evelyn Hough, passed away from emphysema when my mother was knee-high to a grasshopper.  Her second husband, Fritz Goetze, passed away when I […]

Broken hearted about school shooting

Heartbroken about the School Shooting in Conneticut

I am absolutely heartbroken about the School shooting in Newtown last Friday.  I can’t stop thinking about the families that have lost their children so close to Christmas. I know people die every day. I know tragedies happen every hour, every minute, every single second. I know these children aren’t the only children in the world. […]

DIY Garden Chair Restoration

DIY Garden Chair Overhaul

These chairs have been standing in the wonderful English weather, without care or attention, for 4 years.  Mainly because they started breaking and were then too unsafe to have around with little ones climbing all over them.  So they were relegated to the back corner of the garden.  And there they remained;  a sad reprimand […]

Boys Unlimited

A Struggling Mother of More

I wish all struggling mothers would admit that they don’t have everything under control. It is so empowering knowing that you are not alone. Kids are an amazing blessing, but 98% of the time they are HARD work!

Alexander Uys


Six weeks after giving  birth to the newest member of our family I am finally sitting down and FORCING myself to write a post.  Do not for one moment think that I have been sitting on my ass – well, I’ve been doing quite a lot of that whilst feeding, but that doesn’t count. It feels like there […]

20 week scan

A Tale of Three Todgers

So this, dear reader(s), is what I have been busy with for the last 20 weeks.  The third awesome project in my trilogy of boys :) I have been spending all my energy on “growing” this newest edition to our little testosterone-filled family.  This is why I have been lounging on the couch in the evenings […]

Bead Ostrich

Not-so-sunny South Africa

Welcome back to cyberspace to me! We got back from South Africa three Wednesdays ago now and I have since been trying to catch up on sleep, health and cleaning. I started this post just after we got back, but have been feeling ROTTEN since then.  Chest, sinusitis and the worst headache I’ve had in my […]