Crisis Over

Blog Crisis Over

My WordPress theme crisis is over and it looks like the glitch was worth the hassle in every way.  I have completely forgiven Pagelines for screwing up my whole look, because they have given me a FEATURE SLIDER!!!  And I love it.  Unfortunately my sexy bookmarks are now history, but I’m not going to break […]

Boys Unlimited

Will you admit that you sometimes struggle with your children?

Bine, Olly and Jamie stayed over last night.  For those of you who don’t know, or have forgotten, Christiaan and I used to share a house with Bine and Neil.  We lived together for 3 years, until the number of kids between us made the arrangement impossible. Their youngest son, Jamie, is 2 months old […]

Bead Ostrich

Not-so-sunny South Africa

Welcome back to cyberspace to me! We got back from South Africa three Wednesdays ago now and I have since been trying to catch up on sleep, health and cleaning. I started this post just after we got back, but have been feeling ROTTEN since then.  Chest, sinusitis and the worst headache I’ve had in my […]