Paper Drinking Straw Templates

Paper Drinking Straw Templates

I don’t know if you can remember the post I did a while ago about Making Your Own Paper Drinking Straws.  It remains one of my favourite crafts and has proven to be quite popular.  If you’ve never seen my DIY Paper Drinking Straws, feel free to have a look.  The tutorial is loaded with […]

Fondant Ben 10

How to Make a Fondant Ben 10

 How to Make a Fondant Ben 10 I know he doesn’t resemble Ben 10 in facial features (Ben 10 has a pointy chin and a pointy nose, not a flat, fat nose and hardly any chin!), but he was a last minute decision, so I had to make do with what I had.  How could […]

Rainbow Cake

Sweet-covered All-in-One Rainbow Cake

This cake is not for the feint-hearted!  It is psychedelic on the inside and choc-full of sweets on the outside. There are two ways to make a Rainbow Cake. The first is to layer the colours in the same pan.  This gives you a mind-blowing array of colours.  Unfortunately you can never tell exactly how this […]

Superhero Pop Art Party Table Decoration

DIY Superhero Pop Art Party: Fun and Frugal Ideas

My eldest recently turned 4.  To celebrate the occasion we had a Superhero Pop Art Party.  We only invited 6 other children as our house and garden is rather small and you can never tell what the English weather will do.  As it turned out we had a beautiful day, but if it had been […]

The "Cape Pop" Quick alternative to a cake pop

Marshmallow Superheroes

 Although my husband thinks these marshmallow Superheroes look more like villains than heroes, I love them! And they are so quick to make. No baking, mashing, icing, dipping… well, maybe a little bit of dipping… For your “Cape” Pops, you will need: White Candy Melts A bag of white Marshmallows Sprinkles Black Royal Icing – […]