How to make Plastic String (15)

How To Make Plastic Thread From Plarn

If you’re the type that gets a kick out of upcycling, then you should really add this nifty little trick to your repetoire.  I use this string/thread to sew buttons and the like onto my plarn creations.  I find it a lot easier than just using plarn and a lot more satisfying than using cotton […]

Super Speedy 2-ply Plarn

How To Make 2 Ply Plarn REALY Fast

Right. I’ve finally gotten around to finishing my video tutorial for joining the loops of 2 ply plarn.  Not only will I show you how to join the loops, but I will show you a method that is AT LEAST 3 times faster than the traditional method of joining them one by painstaking one. First you need to […]

Mini Plarn Tote Crochet Pattern

Mini Plarn Tote: Free Crochet Pattern

Mini Plarn Tote Crochet Pattern Update 26/6/2013:  I have tidied up the pattern for the Mini Plarn Tote. Hehe, I am a little bit embarrassed to share this Mini Plarn Tote as it was the first one I ever made with plarn.  It took me absolutely ages to gather enough bags (now I get bags […]