Crochet Little Zoo Mobile

Crochet Little Zoo Mobile – by Anette Bak

How To Make a Little Zoo Mobile By Anette Vestergaard Bak – a manic hoarder of crocheted Little Zoo Animals. (Notes in Italics by Dedri) I have had success with gifting Little Zoo Animals as mobiles or at least ready to be turned into a mobile. So here are the instructions for making a 5-animal mobile […]

Zoe the Crochet Zebra Pattern Little Zoo

Zoe the Crochet Zebra

Zoe the Zebra is the fourth animal in the Little Zoo series.  She is the second animal I have done in collaboration with the talented Anette Bak. Zoe the crochet zebra’s ears and legs are joined as you go, making for very little sewing indeed.  Her moveable limbs mean that she can sit, stand, and […]

FREE Baby Elephant Crochet Pattern

Free Baby Elephant Crochet Pattern

Meimei means little sister in Chinese.  And isn’t it the perfect name for this little baby elephant crochet pattern? Meimei is 11 cm from front to back (not including her trunk) and 9 cm high (4.3″ x 3.5″).  Perfect, right?  She has movable limbs, so she can sit and stand with ease. She takes very little […]