Super Quick Easter Chicks (Crochet Easter Chicks)

Super quick easter chick crochet pattern

Crochet Easter Chicks

Crochet Easter Chicks

These are my Super Quick Easter Chicks (Crochet Easter Chicks) and I LOVE THEM!!!

Ever since I saw the widely-available fabric chicks of the same design a while ago, I have been meaning to crochet some.  But I just never got around to it.  I actually forgot about it for a little while…until Pan Perkins and her Crochet Fortune Teller.  When I held that first crochet pocket in my hand I had a Eureka! moment.

And so, with a lot of inspiration from the web and a helping hand from Pan’s Fortune Teller, I bring you these little Easter Chicks.

They take hardly any time at all and are perfect for stash-busting!

I know, I know, there’s hardly any time left to crochet something before Easter…ah well…there’s always next year.  And when you see the little Mama Chicken with her Paisley wings, I am pretty sure that you’ll forgive me for my tardiness.  But she will have to wait a day or so.  And that should give you plenty of time to rustle up some Crochet Easter Chicks.

Crochet Easter Chicks

Super Quick Easter Chicks Crochet Pattern

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With any colour yarn you fancy:

1. Ch 2.  3 x sc in 2nd ch from hook.  Ch 1 and turn. (3)

2. 3 x sc inc.  Ch 1 and bind off.  (6)


With any colour yarn you fancy:

1. Ch 3.  The next 3 st’s will be worked into the beak.  Insert your hook from back to front into the 3d st of the last row of the beak, and from front to back into the 4th st of the last row.  This will naturally fold the beak in half.  Make a sc through both layers.  Make 2 more sc’s through both layers of the folded beak.  Ch 7 and TURN.  It is important that you turn, otherwise you’ll be working on the inside of your chick, not the outside.

Crochet Easter Chicks

Crochet Easter Chicks

2. Sc in one loop only of the 2nd ch from the hook and the next 5 ch st’s (so 6 sc’s so far).  Sc into the FLO of the next 3 st’s (across beak).  Sc into one loop only of the next 2 ch st’s.  4 x sc in the last ch st.  Continue around, working into the remaining loops of the foundation ch.  Sc x 2.  Sc into the BLO of the 3 st’s across the beak (so the loops remaining from when you worked into the FLO before).  Sc x 5.  3 x sc in the last st.   (28)

Don’t turn, just continue around, working the first st of each round into the first st of the previous round.  Use a st marker to mark the beginning of each round if you prefer.  I always do.

Crochet Easter Chicks

Crochet Easter Chicks

3-13. Sc x 28.

14. Sc x 9.  You should end up in the middle of one of the sides of your chick.  Fold the back of the chick flat (using the last st as an edge guide).

Sc into each st (through both layers), stuffing when you get about halfway.  When you get to the end, ch 1 and bind off.  Work away your tails.

Stripey Easter Chicks

To make thin stripes, change colours on the last st of every round.  (Click here for instructions on how to change colours.)

To make thick stripes, change colours on the last st of rounds 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11.

There will be a little visible “step” at every colour change, but this isn’t such a big deal as it will run along the bottom of the chick, which is the least visible part.

Sewing on the eyes

The easiest way to attach the eyes is to sew them on when you have completed 6 or 7 rounds.  I sew my eyes on over one of the stitches in round 4 (in line with the top of the beak).

Crochet Easter Chicks

If you really cannot be bothered to stop midway to sew on some eyes, here’s a hint for attaching them when the chick is stuffed:

Knot your yarn (for what it’s worth) and feed it through the hole on the chick’s forehead (formed by making 4sc’s into the last st of the initial ch)…

Crochet Easter Chicks

…and then secure it by sewing around the stitch that will be covered by the button.  Sew around the stitch at least 4 times to make VERY sure your eyes won’t be going anywhere.

Crochet Easter Chicks

Once the one eye is attached, simply thread your needle through to the other side and attach the other eye.  Make very sure that you secure the eye by making a whole bunch of sneaky stitches!

And there you have it…

Super Quick Easter Chicks :)

And because I am too excited about Mama Chicken, I am going to give you a little peek.  I don’t think I’d be able to fall asleep tonight if I don’t show her to someone…lol freako!

Mama Chicken Bag

Crochet Easter Chicks Crochet Chicken Bag


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Happy Hooking!


  1. Kitty says

    These are so cute! Mine ended up with little wing looking things, but that’s okay, my mom liked them anyway. It’s funny because my step dad’s nick name is Chicken, so I gave them little chickens :)

  2. lita fiorenza says

    Soy de Argentina me encanta tu pagina , y me fascina el crochet , agradezco me compartas tu sabiduria !!! gracias Lita

    • Dedri Uys says

      Thank you, Carole. They are sooooo simple to make and don’t take a lot of time. I love simple, quick projects x

  3. zuzana says

    Cute, interesting. I have to give it a try. Designed as a keychain. I wish you a long and healthy dexterous hands and a lot a lot of good ideas. Greetings from Slovakia.


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