Crochet Longies Pattern


I know, I know.  These photo’s are far from professional.  They were taken well before I realized that I would actually (finally) create this blog.  These longies now belong to Olly and have been very well worn, so they are no longer suitable for photography.

 Excuses made, you may now proceed to the pattern without giggling too much at my low-budge photos.

Crochet Longies Pattern

These longies were made from acrylic yarn.

One of my exciting new finds is Survival Knitting’s website.  The owner of this site kindly friended me the minute I posted my Crochet Slippers Pattern on Ravelry.  Thanx Garilynn :)  In her “About Me”, this particular sentence made me smile:  “…made entirely of acrylic yarn because we are poor, humble folks of modest means.”  That is exactly why I use acrylic yarn instead of REAL wool.

  To use these as longies (and not just trousers), however, you will need to use wool as it can be lanolized to act as a diaper cover for cloth nappies.  It also breathes better and is NON FLAMABLE!


This is a really simple pattern.

Please feel free to let me know how it goes if someone does attempt to make these for the little monster in their life.

Update 4/10/12

Here are the patterns and measurements from newborn all the way through to 36 months.

If your child falls between these measurements or only one of them seems to be right for you, I would suggest going with the hips, because both the rise and the inseam are easy enough to alter yourself whereas the hips are a bit more tricky because of the increases for the gusset.

The following suggestions are based on the specified gauge, which is 18 rows and 17 st’s per 10cm square.

To lengthen or shorten your rise, add or remove one row per centimeter. This will add or subtract roughly 5mm from the front AND the back, giving you approximately 1cm more or less in total.

To lengthen or shorten the inseam, add or remove 2 rows per centimeter.

The same applies to the hips, where adding or subtracting 2 stitches will give you more or less a cm’s difference.  This will give you 1 stitch more or less per leg as well.  If you do want to change this measurement and need help with the placement of the increases for the gusset, please contact me or leave a comment and I will do the math for you :)

Baby and Toddler Measurements for Crochet Longies

Age (months) Hips (cm) Rise (cm) Inseam (cm)
0-3 months 36 37 13
3-6 months 42 40 15
6-9 months 46 42 17
9-12 months 50 42 20
12-18 months 52 45 24
18-24 months 55 45 26
24-36 months 58 48 30


Click on the relevant link below to download your pattern.

 Crochet Longies Pattern 0-3 Months

 Crochet Longies Pattern 3-6 Months

 Crochet Longies Pattern 6 – 9 Months

 Crochet Longies Pattern 9-12 Months

 Crochet Longies Pattern 12-18 Months

 Crochet Longies Pattern 18-24 Months

 Crochet Longies Pattern 24-36 Months



    • Dedri Uys says

      Ashley, unfortunately I do not. These patterns were some of my first and they need serious updating as to yardage. I estimate that you will need just under 300 g of light worsted weight yarn (#3). I hope that helps.

  1. Mary says

    Hi, ty for sharing your pattern. If you do not have time to answer I understand. i want to make these for my grandbabies. I will be using 3 colors. I know this sounds really really stupid, but when I crochet 93 ch, what am I making? is it 1 side, or top to bottom. I have read it several times I am having some kind of a block and just not figuring out when I need to do changes… I am so sorry to bother you with this. I live with a condition call ed RSD, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, sometimes it is very hard to concentrate when living in so much pain, and this winter has been tough. i blame my stupidity onto my pain .

    • Dedri Uys says

      Hi Mary,

      When you chain the initial chain it will form the whole top of the longies. You are working top to bottom. The first 4 rows will form the seam into which you will feed your elastic, so they are worked backwards and forwards. In Round 5 you will start working in a spiral for however many rounds are specified in the instructions for Round 5, and then you will continue on. The patterns are in dire need of an update. I can only apologize and say that I will make work of it soon.

      I hope that helps,


  2. TaffyDeb says

    I cant wait to make these, my 6th grandbaby is coming in Feb 2015, so I think I will make 9-12 mos size so they will fit the first Christmas (and at the rate I am getting so many projects I want to do, it will take e that long!)- I am going to try a Sock Monkey colorway I have seen, so keeping my fingers crossed!

    • Dedri Uys says

      Good luck :) A lot of people have found them to be quite large, so make sure that you are happy with the size before getting too far into the pattern.


  3. Miriam Olsen says

    I downloaded these today and every size has it where there are only 2 pages that download and the go from rnd 5 to rnd 37, 39 etc. I opened it in two different PDF programs and it is the same on both. Can I get the rest of the pattern? Thank you! Miriam

    • Dedri Uys says

      Hi, if you read through round/row 5, you will notice that the pattern indicates how many times you need to repeat that specific row. For the 0 – 3 month size, for example, you are told to sc in each st around for a total of 32 rounds.

      I hope this helps

  4. Sierra says

    I have worst weight yarn, medium 4 weight it says to use a size 5 needle. If I adjust my needle to match you gauge will the longies still turn out to work with the sizing you suggest?

    • Dedri Uys says

      They will, Sierra, but you will have a hard time matching the gauge if you use worsted weight. I would suggest going down a size (at least) if you are going to use worsted weight yarn and a 5 mm hook. If you work up a gauge swatch and tell me which size you are after, I will tell you which pattern to use.

  5. Sara says

    Hello! I found your pattern on Ravelry and I’m just wondering if WAHMs are allowed to sell items made from your patterns? Sorry if this may have been asked before. I may have missed something in the comments.

    • Dedri Uys says

      Sara, you are welcome to sell as many items as you can. As a courtesy, I ask that you mention me as the designer whenever you sell anything made from one of my patterns. Good luck :)

  6. marina says

    I’m so glad i found this page i’ve been wanting to make leggings for my lil one for so long!! I tried downloading the pdfs for all sizes but it isnt downloading keeps saying error? Are the no longer useable?

    • Dedri Uys says

      Marina, have you checked your internet settings? They might be blocking the pdf’s from downloading. I have checked the links and they work for me. If you still have problems, please contact me again.

    • Dedri Uys says

      Like I mentioned to you in the email, Steph, check that you are using light worsted weight/#3/double knit yarn, work up a gauge square to ascertain if you need to drop a hook size, check the measurements in the table to see if they are right for your specific “customer”.

      I do think the suggested sizes are bigger than the average child of each particular age. If you think that a 12 – 18 month pattern’s measurements will fit your child better, then go for that instead.

      Good luck,


  7. Regina says

    This is such an AWESOME pattern. I’m making them for my Grandson. He’s 2& goes nuts pulling all my yarn ok.

    I just have 1?. In row3 you say to SC in 1loop only but you don’t say if it’s Front or Back loop or if it matters…

    • Dedri Uys says

      Regina, do you mean in Row 2? You work into one loop only of each of the ch st’s. It doesn’t matter if it is the top loop or the back bump, although working into the top loop will give you a bit more elasticity.


    • Regina says

      Yes Dedri. I just wanted to confirm that there wasn’t a specific loop. Front or Back post SC.

    • Dedri Uys says

      The pattern is worked in both loops, Regina. Just good old regular single crochet. It is only the second row that is worked into one loop only of the chain stitches.

  8. Karen says

    I know this is going to seem like a strange request, but my sister (having seen the longies I knitted for my sons) wants me to make her a pair! It’s a bit of a challenge as she has an 87cm inside leg, so I figured a crocheted pair would be quicker. I love your pattern and am trying to convert it to fir her! Would you mind checking my maths for me, please?

    Rise 78cm, Hips 102cm, Inseam 87cm… Row 1: chain 173. Increase to 208sts by row 80 then split for legs. Add 114 rows for legs.

    • Dedri Uys says

      Right. That’s quite a tall order…hehe. Provided you use the hook/yarn/gauge provided, your sums seem accurate to me. As I don’t know which size pattern you used, I’m not sure how many rows adding 114 for the legs would add up to.

      This is what I got: 173 st’s to start. Sc as per pattern for 70-75 rows/rounds. Increase by 4 each for another 5 rounds (you might need another increase round as grown-up groins are a different kettle of fish!). Also, if her legs are super skinny or super bulky, You might need to add more increases to make sure you have enough st’s to go around each leg. Work legs for a total of 156 rows.

      This seems like a HUGE undertaking :) I suggest fitting the longies on her when you get to the end of the increase rounds. Pinch it between her legs (as if they were french knickers) and see if you have worked enough increase rounds to allow for upper thigh size. This will also give you an idea of if your rise length is correct. You’ll be gutted if you find out at the very end that the rise wasn’t right.

      Best of luck and please pretty please keep me informed. I would love to see a grown-up pair of longies!

  9. ashley says

    Hi there
    I’m mot understanding how you make the “tube” for round 5 and the waistband. Can you help me please??

    Thank you!!!

    • Dedri Uys says

      Hi Ashley. When you get to the end of the row, make the first stitch of your next round in the stitch farthest away from your hook, not the one closest to it (so the first stitch of the previous row, not the last one). This will give you a circle. Just continue working each round in a spiral from this point on. Hope that makes more sense.

  10. Melissa says

    • Dedri Uys says

      Melissa, the pattern only has 2 pages. If you read round 5, you will see that it says to repeat round 5 for 32 rounds, which will take you to round 37, which is where the second page starts.

      Good luck and please let me know how it goes x

  11. Christy says

    • Dedri Uys says

      Christy, I did email you, but haven’t heard anything, so just want to check that you received the email x

  12. Iris says

    Love the look of the pattern. I am in Australia and we buy our wool by the ply size. Can you tell me what is “Worsted”? We know “double knit” as 8 ply, is this correct?
    can’t wait to make for my new great grand-daughter. Thanks

    • Dedri Uys says

      Hi Iris, I hope you got the email I sent. Double knit is 8 ply, yes. Worsted weight is 10 ply and as far as I understand it, it is a very popular American yarn. They do get 4-ply worsted weight, but that refers to the fact that the wool is made out of 4 plies, not that it is a 4-ply weight.

  13. Sara says

    A friend mentioned that longies that were to be used over diapers had to be knitted to be leak tight. If made with the proper double knit wool yarn, and then treated as was mentioned in several posts, would they work over cloth diapers and be leak proof?

    • Dedri Uys says

      Hi, thank you for your question.

      These weave of these longies isn’t as tight as when you knit them, but if you lanolize the wool, they should work just fine. If you have any concerns, you can always drop a hook size and go up to worsted weight yarn. You would just need to make sure that your gauge is right if you want to use the measurements I supply.


    • Dedri Uys says

      For a 0-3 month pair (which will be too big for a newborn), I used 100g acrylic yarn (approx. 280 m). I think you will have to drop a hook size if you want to make these for a newborn. And please remember that the gauge and sizing are supplied based on using DOUBLE KNIT yarn, not worsted weight. x

  14. PopnPip says

    I just whipped-up this easy pattern in a few days (would have been quicker in the pre-child days, I’m sure!) I ran out of yarn so they’re somewhere between longies and shorties. Can’t wait to try them on The Girl in the morning… and thinking about getting fancy and putting girly trim on them too. Hope your boy’s out of woolies altogether now :P

  15. Allie says

    hi i love your pattterns so much!! i was wondering if i could make these pants to sell on my website if i link back to you as the designer? anyways, thank you anyways for this wonderful pattern. have a great day

    • Dedri Uys says

      Sure, Allie. I would love it if you made some of these to sell. I hope you got my email about the sizing. I have had a few people say they come up too big. If you use the gauge provided (and double knit yarn and a 5mm hook), the leggings will come out as specified – waist, inseam and rise. However, the corresponding month sizing (so 0-3 or 6-9 for example) is an estimate, so if you want to be sure the leggings will fit, measure the child’s waist, inseam and rise and then use the corresponding pattern.

  16. Jamie says

    Cute and easy but they seem to run very large. I made the 0-3 month size for my friend who is expecting and they fit my 11-month old, wow. Still cute, but now I have to make a larger matching hat :)

  17. Genell says

    I have printed the pattern off…but it doesnt have rows 6-36…can you please email me the pattern with all the rows on them? I really wanna make these for a lil guy and for my lil guy as well…Please and thank you! I can send you my email address if you need me too.

  18. Donna says

    I am really looking forward to making these. I started to make a pair, but I do have a couple of questions though.

    I do not see where it says what size yarn to use. I am assuming it is worsted weight since it says a size 5 hook. Also they seem to be really large so far. :( Am I doing something wrong? I am making them for someone else, so I cannot measure the child.

    • Dedri Uys says

      Hi, Donna. I hope you got my email. The suggested yarn is double knit wool/yarn. It is very important that you make a tent ion gauge swatch and adjust your hook/yarn accordingly.

      Most of the issues people have had seem to stem from not doing this.

      Let me know how it goes :)

      X dedri

    • Dedri Uys says

      The yarn I suggest is double knit yarn. If you use the gauge provided these should come out as indicated. But because you are working with a 3-month time-frame for an approximate size based on average babies, it really is a guessing game. It is worth noting that a 0-3 month size will not fit a newborn unless it’s a giant newborn :)

  19. says

    Hello, I love the look of these longies and ca’t wait to try them myself! Unfortunately, I can’t get the PDF’s to open on any of the sizes, it’s just coming up a blank page. Is there a glitch in the patterns? If not, could you email them to me please? Thanks in advance!


    • Dedri Uys says

      I’m glad you managed to open them in the end, Laurie. Please let me know how they turn out!

      x dedri

  20. says

    I am so happy that i stumbled across your blog!! Now i have crochet projects to choose from a plenty :) I am definitely going to make these for my son, and my daughter, and ill maybe even get around to update my blog with the finished products, if i do i will of course link back to the pattern on your page. Just need to download the darned adobe for my mac, as i cant get the patterns to open for me right now! LOVE your page, very very impressed with your skill. one day, I hope to come ever close :)

    thanks for providing the free patterns :)


    • Dedri Uys says

      Hi Maria. Thank you so much for your kind comment. I had a little look at your blog and I love all the photos of you and the little ones. I will def. keep an eye out for the longies, so get your crochet on! xxx dedri

  21. Kristy says

    I am new to crocheting.
    My mum taught me to crochet blankets and sadly is not here
    To help.
    I was wondering how much wool would I need for a pair of 6-9 months? And it may sound silly but what does the “1 chain and turn” mean??

    • admin says

      Hi Kristy. I am completely stumped. I am going to have to make another pair and weigh them. I cannot for the life of me remember how much yarn it took. I’ll see if anyone else who has made it has a clue.
      Ch 1 and turn means this: when you get to the end of the round/row you don’t continue around. You stop on the last stitch. You then chain one stitch (so yarn over and pull through) and turn your work back-to-front so that your completed row is no longer lying to your right (assuming you’re right-handed), but to your left. This ch-1 counts as your first stitch for the next row or round. Now you just continue crocheting single crochet stitches into the first stitch and every subsequent stitch until you get to the end of that row/round, where you repeat the whole procedure.
      I hope this helps x

  22. Elizaveta Ballanger says

    Hi this is Liza and i happend to see your site and am very enterested in making this pants for my 18month old son. And i was wondering how i might get that pattern from you? Or can you email me the pattern for this project? thank you so much for sharing this with us;]

    • admin says

      Hi Liza

      I hope you received my email. The link for the pattern is at the bottom of the page, but currently I only have the pattern for 6-9 months written up. I hope to work out the other sizes soon.

  23. Maryann says

    Thank you for the awesome free pattern. I am trying to modify it a bit to make it a smaller size.

    For Aura, a good affordable yarn to make wool longies is Lion Brand’s Fisherman’s wool. You CANNOT use super was wool, even if it is 100% wool because the process they put it through strips it of its lanolin and makes the shaft of the wool smooth instead of jagged, which makes it good for machine washing but bad for moisture absorption.

    Also, if you buy your yarn from a big box store (think michaels, Joann’s, hobby lobby) these stores often have 40% off coupons weekly which is when I buy my more expensive yarns with the coupon.

    Hope that helps.

    • admin says

      Thank you, Maryann, for your detailed answer to that question. Glad you like the pattern. Please let me know how it turns out ;)

  24. Aura Lipinski says

    Hi! thank you for shearing you pattern with the world but i need some help. I was wondering if you could tell me what would be the best type of wool to use to make longies for nappies? i want to make them for my friends babes as gifts and i just do not know what to use. The longies that i make will have to be lanolized because the mommy’s want to use them as diaper covers. i will great full for any information that you can shear with me. thank you for you time. i can wait to crochet these! and thank you again for the pattern!

    • admin says

      Hi Aura.
      I am so sorry for the tardy response. Been busy adjusting to my new arrival :)

      Best wool – and this is advice I was given, not from personal experience as I do not use cloth nappies (shock, horror) – is untreated wool or merino wool.

      Do not use acrylic or cotton blends as they hardly absorb anything and acrylic is not naturally flame retardant like pure wool and it doesn’t regulate baby’s temperature well at all. Acrylic is perfect for the winter, heat-wise, but wool can be worn all year round.

      I hope this helps!

  25. Cherie says

    Hi, I’m really interested in making the crocheted longies, but I can’t seem to get the pattern to come up.
    Any way that you could just e mail it to me, I’d much appreciate it.

    • admin says

      Thanx for your interest, Cherie. I have mailed you the pattern. Please send me a picture when you’re done. x

  26. Lee says

    I think that the pictures are wonderful- what a cutie! and the pants are pretty adorable too. thanks for sharing this pattern. :)

  27. Minette says

    Ek LIEF die nuwe, makliker scroll regs – vir ou mense soos ek is dit baie makliker navigeerbaar. Dankie. Danksy jou sit en jou tydig en ontydig en hekel. Hoe maak jy om die plarn se spanning lekker egalig te hou? Ek vind, as ek dit om my vingers haak soos mens met “yarn” maak, dit te styf trek, en as ek dit nié doen nie, glip dit te lossies deur my vingers, met gevolglike onegalige beentjies.

    Help? Miskien moet ek die plarn bietjie draai as ek dit oprol?


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