Free Baby Elephant Crochet Pattern

Baby Elephant Crochet Pattern

Meimei means little sister in Chinese.  And isn’t it the perfect name for this little baby elephant crochet pattern?

Meimei is 11 cm from front to back (not including her trunk) and 9 cm high (4.3″ x 3.5″).  Perfect, right?  She has movable limbs, so she can sit and stand with ease.

She takes very little yarn to make (less than 60 m/ 65 yards in total) and works up very quickly.  But the most exciting feature, for me anyway, is the fact that there is NO SEWING involved in the assembly (unless you count a few tails of yarn that have to be worked away).  Meimei’s head, body and tail are worked continuously and her ears and legs are attached as you go.

FREE Baby Elephant Crochet Pattern

This pattern is suitable for Advanced Beginners to Intermediate Crocheters.  Short rows are used for shaping, but don’t be daunted.  The pattern includes plenty of photos and tips.  You can also have a look at this tutorial, which is a partial walkthrough of my Rhinosaur Puzzle Ball’s head and covers short rows in detail.

Baby Elephant Crochet PatternThe pattern includes an optional rug that you can sew onto her back.  The rug is tiny, but uses more complex stitches.  I thought it would be the perfect chance for you to get rid of those crochet cobwebs and experiment with the waistcoat stitch and the crab stitch (reverse single crochet).

I am so pleased with how she came out and am very excited to share the pattern with you.

Baby Elephant Crochet Pattern>>

Other Elephant Crochet Patterns

Meimei is not alone.

Her mother, Eleanor, is one of my Amamani (Amigurumi Amish Puzzle Balls).  Eleanor is based on my Free Amish Puzzle Ball pattern, and as such comes apart into three segments that have to be assembled to form the Elephant.

You can find the pattern for Eleanor (and my other Amamani) in my Ravelry Store.

Crochet Elephant Puzzle Amamani

Meimei also has an older sister, Grace.  Grace is an Elephant Comfort Blanket (Lovie) and you can find the pattern here.  Please note that Meimei’s head is an improvement of Grace’s.  I will be updating the pattern for Grace in due course.

Crochet Elephant Comfort Blanket Pattern

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Happy Hooking!



  1. Joanna says

    Hello Dedri, I too am having trouble accessing the Meimei pattern. I’ve had a good look at the linked page that looks the same but can’t find the pattern. I’ve even tried clicking on any & every link, logo, button I can find. I also tried using different web browsers (Firefox & Safari) just in case that was the problem. At the moment I’m really enjoying making Grace (no problem finding the pattern there) but I’d like to crochet Meimei too, she looks absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for your help & keep up the great work.

  2. Carrie says

    I’m really sorry about this! I’m having the same trouble as Pam. I read your answer to her so when I clicked on the link I searched really hard for the pattern but it isn’t there. I’m very, very, very sorry to bother you about this. I really like the lovey! It is soooooo cute. I’m going to make Grace for a baby I know. And Eleanor is my dream! I’m making your knit Amish ball and the mini one first though.
    Thank you for all of the awesome patterns and so sorry,

    • Dedri Uys says

      Hi Carrie,

      I tried to email you, but the email address you provided isn’t working. Pam was referring to the pattern for Meimei.

      To access the pattern for Grace, you need to click on the bit that says find the pattern here (just above the photo for Grace). This will take you to the page about Grace. Below Pattern on that page, there’s a note that tells you to click on the image to find the pattern. You can then save the pattern or print it out. Hope this helps


      • Carrie says

        Sorry about the e-mail. You’re not the first one who’s had problems with it. I really hate it but, what will I do?
        I found the Meimei pattern. Thanks so much for fixing the link. I’m going to start on her as soon as I finish the mini puzzle ball (at least I hope to. By then I will probably have a hundred other things that need doing :) ). I really love how you edged her saddle. The crab stich is one of my favorite edgings.
        P.S. I didn’t have a problem finding Grace’s pattern. I need to work on stating things clearly, don’t I :/. I was looking for Meimei’s. xoxo

  3. Pam says

    How do I get to the actual pattern? Every time that I click on the link it just brings me back to this page.
    Please help, I really want to make this little girl for my nephew :-)

    • Dedri Uys says

      Hi, when you click on the link it takes you to the page that contains the pattern. It looks like the same page at first glance, but isn’t. x


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