Chloe the Crochet Cow Puzzle

Chloe the Crochet Cow Puzzle Amamani

I would like to introduce you to Chloe the Crochet Cow Puzzle.  She is just one of my many Amamani Patterns ( short for Amigurumi Amish Puzzle Animals).

The Crochet Cow Puzzle is based on the original Crochet Amish Puzzle Ball, and as such comes apart into 3 segments, or rings, which then have to be re-assembled to form the cow.

Chloe the Crochet Cow Puzzle
The chunky design makes her perfect for little hands to grab hold of and your colour options are limitless!  Think cows are just cream and brown and black?  Think again!  This is just one of the many colourful cows my testers came up with.  Amy has tested for me a bunch of times and her photos are always so pretty and inspiring.  You can see more of my testers’ colourful creations here.

Chloe the Crochet Cow Puzzle Amamani


Chloe the Crochet Cow Puzzle AmamaniUsing the hook and yarn specified, Chloe the Crochet Cow Puzzle works up to 13 cm wide x 15 cm high x 15 cm long.  That is roughly 5″ x 6″ x 6″.  But you can always use a bigger or smaller hook and thicker or thinner yarn.

Gauge doesn’t matter, but if the yarn you use is too thin for the hook you use, you will end up with holes in your lids.  And if you do make Chloe with odds and ends of yarn and some of the yarns are thinner than others, please make sure that the yarn you use for the lids is as thick, or thicker, than the yarn you use for the wedges, otherwise the lids will be too small.  The wedges are more forgiving than the lids!


The pattern for Chloe the Crochet Cow Puzzle is suitable for Advanced Beginners.

Although this pattern is easy, it is detailed, so you will need to have a good grasp of the English language.  If you are not comfortable with English, you are probably going to struggle with this pattern, so I would advise against purchasing it.

Chloe the Crochet Cow Puzzle Amamani

You will need to know:

  • How to make single crochet stitches, half-double crochet stitches and double crochet stitches
  • How to increase and decrease
  • How to work in the round
  • How to make a magic ring

The pattern also makes use of short rows to help shape the cow’s head (only a few), but they are clearly illustrated and thoroughly explained!


US Terminology used

Ch Chain
Dc Double crochet
Hdc Half-double crochet
Sc Single crochet
Sc inc Single crochet increase
St Stitch
Sc2tog Single crochet 2 together (sc decrease)
Yo Yarn over
* Repeat all instructions between asterisks


  • 4 mm Crochet Hook for the body (US G/6, UK 8)
  • 3.5 mm Crochet Hook for the ears and horns ONLY (US E/4, UK 9)
  • Double knit yarn in cream – approx. 270 m/300 yards
  • Double knit yarn in pink and black – approx. 35 m/40 yards each
  • Double knit yarn in light brown for the horns (a mere scrap)
  • Yarn needle
  • Stuffing
  • 2 Buttons/ safety eyes

 Chloe the Crochet Cow Puzzle Pattern

Chloe the Crochet Cow Puzzle Amamani

The pattern for Chloe the Crochet Cow Puzzle is now available in my Ravelry Store.

I hope you feel inspired to make your very own Crochet Cow Puzzle and cannot wait to see all the variations!

And if cows aren’t your thing, you can always try your hand at one of these related patterns:

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Happy Hooking!



  1. Karen Hawkins says

    Hi Dedri,
    I have already made 5 of the animal puzzles. My grandchildren love them. Thank you. Would you please send me the link to your Ravelry store. Thank you. Your patterns are well written, but I am such a visual person, the pictures helped tremendously. Karen Hawkins

  2. Evelyn says

    I love your amamani creations Dedri. I have made 2 of the octopus, although the first one only had six legs! My grandson loves them and he’s eagerly waiting for me to finish a kiwi bird for him. The critters you have designed have inspired me to write a childrens’ series of books based on amamani. I would like to direct people to your site to make their own amamani’s, and hopefully get a whole new generation of children into crochet and knitting. Which web site would you prefer people to use as first point of call?

    • Dedri Uys says

      Evelyn, that sounds positively charming. I have sent you an email, please let me know if you haven’t received it x

  3. Jamea says

    Sorry Dedri it said my other comment didn’t go through but when I clicked this one they both did. Strange…

  4. Jamea says

    Hello Dedri!
    What a cute cow! Moved from Kansas to Nebraska this month and we just got our internet hooked up so I hadn’t been able to check my email but when I finally did what a nice surprise! Cows are really fun and popular and you did such a great job on this puzzle ball. Thank you! Have a great day!

  5. Jamea says

    Looking forward to this new pattern Dedri! Your creative talents astound me! Cows are always fun and popular! You did a great job! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and talents with us. Have a blessed day!

  6. says

    this is fantastic meuuhh reversing hehe, I just discovered your blog, you have reason to sell your explanation is a tedious job, “all work deserves wages” as we say. I do not metrized with the language of shakespear and so I use google translation excuse my mistakes formulations. I did the puzzle ball, fabric, but it is true that a hook is easier to mount, I put in a few days on my blog with links to you. Thank you for your Amish ball it is difficult to choose as they are adorable. good evening kindly tatie fabie

  7. peggyfailing says

    I love the cow,Wooo Hooo are you giving away the pattern or do I have to buy it and if so where at Ravely? I sooo want this one ,I have been waiting and waiting for this one,LOLI’m so excited LOL Please tell me where if anyplace besides the Ravely I can get it. Hugs Peggy8650

    • Dedri Uys says

      Peggy, I’m not sure yet if I am going to do a giveaway…maybe…probably…the link for my Ravelry Store is in the post above.

      x dedri


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