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Fin the Crochet Fish Puzzle 1024x545 Fin the Crochet Fish Puzzle Pattern

I would like for you to meet Fin the Crochet Fish Puzzle.  He is the most recent of my Amamani (Amigurumi Amish Puzzle Animals) and I must confess that I am more than a little bit in love with him.  He is based on the original Crochet Amish Puzzle Ball, and as such comes apart into 3 segments, or rings, which then have to be re-assembled to form the fish.

Fin the Crochet Fish Puzzle Assembly 300x131 Fin the Crochet Fish Puzzle Pattern

The chunky design makes it perfect for little hands to grab hold of and your colour options are limitless!  Just have a look at what some of my testers came up with.  You can see more variations here.

Please note: the testers each put their own creative spin on the pattern.  The instructions in the pattern are for a 2-tone fish with a Main colour body, contrasting colour fins and a striped tail. 

Fin the Crochet Fish Puzzle Testers 300x293 Fin the Crochet Fish Puzzle Pattern


Using the hook and yarn specified, Fin the Crochet Fish Puzzle works up to 13 cm wide x 17 cm high x 18 cm long.  That is roughly 5″ x 6.5″ x 7″.  But you can use a bigger or smaller hook and thicker or thinner yarn.

Gauge doesn’t matter, but if the yarn you use is too thin for the hook you use, you will end up with holes in your lids.  And if you do make Fin with odds and ends of yarn and some of the yarns are thinner than others, please make sure that the yarn you use for the lids is as thick, or thicker, than the yarn you use for the wedges, otherwise the lids will be too small.  The wedges are more forgiving than the lids!


The pattern for Fin the Crochet Fish Puzzle is suitable for Advanced Beginners.

Although this pattern is easy, it is very detailed, so you will need to have a good grasp of the English language.  If you are not comfortable with English, you are probably going to struggle with this pattern, so I would advise against purchasing it.

You will need to know:

  • How to make single crochet stitches, half-double crochet stitches and double crochet stitches
  • How to work into the back loop only AND how to make front-post stitches
  • How to increase and decrease
  • How to work in the round
  • How to make a magic ring


US Terminology used

BloBack loop only
DcDouble crochet
FphdcFront post half-double crochet
FpscFront post single crochet
HdcHalf-double crochet
ScSingle crochet
Sc incSingle crochet increase
Sc2togSingle crochet 2 together (sc decrease)
YoYarn over
*Repeat all instructions between asterisks


  • 4 mm Crochet Hook
  • Double knit yarn in Main Colour (approx. 200m/220 yards)
  • Double knit yarn in Contrasting Colour (approx. 50m/55 yards)
  • Double knit yarn in white for the mouth (just a scrap)
  • Yarn needle
  • Stuffing
  • 2 Buttons for the eyes
  • A piece of scrap yarn to use as a st marker


IMG 20130608 123227 Fin the Crochet Fish Puzzle Pattern

The pattern for Fin the Crochet Fish Puzzle is now available in my Ravelry Store.

Fin the Crochet Fish Puzzle Promotional Giveaway

Up until the 18th of July 2013, I am running a Rafflecopter Giveaway to promote this little critter.

First Prize – Any 3 of my Amamani patterns (choose from Eleanor the Elephant, Skillie the Turtle, Gregor the Rhinosaur, Hermione Horse, Gemina Giraffe and The Dinosaur – you can see them all here. )

Second Prize – Any 2 of my Amamani patterns (options as above)

Additional prizes – 7 more winners will each receive the pattern for Fin the Crochet Fish Puzzle.

This is my very first Rafflecopter Giveaway, so here’s hoping it all goes well.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I hope you feel inspired to make your very own Fin the Crochet Fish Puzzle and cannot wait to see all the variations! Remember to subscribe to my newsletter if you would like to be kept in the loop.  You can also like my Facebook page or follow me on Bloglovin. Happy hooking! xxx dedri

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118 Responses to Fin the Crochet Fish Puzzle Pattern

  1. Jessica Lawshe says:

    I love fin!!! Imagining making him as a clown fish puzzle for my Finding Nemo obsessed toddler!

    • Dedri Uys says:

      If I wasn’t so swamped with the million ideas already in my head, I would have tried to make a Nemo version. Alas. Maybe after the 15 or so other animals I have lined up I will get back and make one. x

    • dianna says:

      wow . good idea about the nemo idea. i tested for dedri with fin and thought about the nemo fish but focused on using a grouping of neon yarn. do you have ideas on how the nemo fish would work with fin ?

  2. Edna says:

    Fin is mighty fine. I love all the variations

  3. amanda says:

    Lovely !! my favorite is the turtle:)
    Many thanks. have a nice day:)

  4. Denise says:

    I tried to enter your free giveaway but couldn’t leave a blog comment so here it is. I love all the Amamani patterns and Fin is brilliant. I want to make them all for my grandchild. Through a very good friend I have just been introduced to Bavarian Crochet which I am just starting to learn

  5. Denise says:

    I wanted to enter your free giveaway . I love all the Amamani patterns and Fin is brilliant. I want to make them all for my first grandchild who is due December/January. Through a very good friend I have just been introduced to Bavarian Crochet which I am just starting to learn

  6. Marja Dijkstra says:

    I’m crocheting for 60 years now ,but your”puzzles”inspired me very well !

  7. Marja says:

    I’m very inspired by your “Amamani” after crocheting for more than 60 years the usual things.!

  8. Amy says:

    I’ve not found a stitch to beat me yet, thank goodness for video tutorials. lol

    And of course Fin is awesome, all your stuff is. =)

  9. Anneke says:

    I think the fish is great, I have a little grandson, he is 6 weeks old and i love to make this for him

  10. abby says:

    Currently trying the normal amish puzzle ball and am making plans for making oh so much more!

  11. Heather says:

    I’m still learning, so what gets me is reading the patterns. If the instructions aren’t clear enough then I struggle to make it look like the picture. Thanks for making these great puzzles so easy to follow. Bonus they are super cute.

  12. al says:

    i dont have trouble with any stitches but the horses` mouth had to be done a couple of times beforei gotthe hang of it been wait patiently for fins pattern hope to win in new giveaway would make a good present to me love all amamanis left blog here

  13. Cari says:

    I do okay with most any stitch and I think Fin is Mighty Fine! I’m always good to go!!

  14. Amanda W. says:

    Aww….I love his kissy lips and Thank you for the giveaway! it’s very kind and generous of you! :)

  15. Jan says:

    Fin is might fine!

  16. Anna says:

    I am consistently amazed by the creatures you bring to life!

  17. Cora says:

    I enjoyed testing Fin…he was amazing! The technique that I struggle with is Hairpin Lace…one day I will get it!


  18. Patti says:

    Love this adorable fish! Another success story in your designs! I would love to create this little guy!

  19. Erica Liebenberg says:

    Hi Dedri, this is one of the most beautiful designs! Well done <3

  20. Susannah says:

    I am so intrigued by your puzzles. Fin is super cute. I don’t normally have stitch problems except when my last baby was born my brain had New Mommy Syndrome and completely forgot how to make HDC (US term) correctly. I was making half trebles instead of half doubles. It was several hat projects later before I really realized something was wrong and consulted a “how to” chart. Luckily the hats were well received and well worn and no one realized my hats were three rounds short of the pattern. HaHa

  21. Linda says:

    These patterns are just amazing!! And I’m sure that kids (and adults) love them too! Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. Lanne says:

    Eks mal oor jou patrone. Het al reeds twee gemaak!!!

  23. Lanne says:

    Eks mal oor jou patrone. Het reeds twee gemaak

  24. Hilde says:

    I find this one so beautiful, I can’t resist to enter the giveaway, just to have a chance to win this one! You inspired me to take up crocheting again and I already made some own designs. So thank you for all your wonderful creations!

  25. Megan says:

    I love all of these little guys! I made your Amish puzzle ball for some friends and they loved it! Can’t wait until someone else gets pregnant so I can make one of these critters!

  26. jeanette says:

    Awesome, I love your puzzle ball patterns

  27. Colleen says:

    I LOVE Fin. All you puzzles are cute but this one is especially good.

  28. Llyn McClure says:

    Love the fish puzzle pattern!
    While I don’t have much trouble with specific stitches, reading/following a written pattern can sure have me ripping out my hair. I’m still fairly new to it, so I figure that will come with time.
    Thank you for the chance to win Fin’s pattern!

  29. Ellen says:

    I love little fishies! And Fin is a very fine one! <3
    Makes me wonder every time what you'll come up with as a puzzle animal :D

  30. Connie says:

    Fin is so adorable. I’d love to make him. :)

  31. I would like to be a tester if you need one. I loved Olive and the giraffe!


  32. Anneke says:

    i love the things you make , and I
    love he give away !!!!

  33. Lene says:

    Fin is just TOO CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!! Love to enter this giveaway :o)

  34. Jamea Henry says:

    Hey Dedri once again you blow my socks off! I love the “Fin” fish puzzle ball. I love the way it kind of looks like a Koi fish. Yes, I do very much look forward to making this pattern! I will eventually make them all because I think they are seriously awesome! I always enjoy seeing what you will create each next. It’s like Christmas in July!!!! Thank you Dedri!

  35. Linda says:

    I am new to crotchet, but what a cute design!! I enjoy learning new stitches and techniques, and so far, I’m catching on fairly well. Thanks for your great offer. Fin is mighty fine!

  36. Hilda says:

    I don’t usually struggle with stitches or techniques as long as the pattern is written out well. But if I win Fin I would love to try and make him. I am personally into sheep. I know just what you need another animal. lol Good luck on your sweepstakes.

    • Dedri Uys says:

      Lol, by Christmas I should have the sheep done, Hilda. There are just SOOO many animals. This might keep me busy for years!

  37. Mel says:

    your puzzles are amazing, i love Fin.

  38. Tess says:

    After looking over the needed stitches, they’re all in my directory of notes!!! Fin is mighty fine!!! :)

  39. Heide says:

    I enjoyed making and giving away three mini puzzle balls and working now on the horse. Your patterns are so easy to follow and are fun to make.
    Thank you Dedri!

  40. Penny Beigh says:

    I love Fin the fish! But if you want to know i am having difficulty with front and back post stitches. Li just cannot seem to get them to look right.
    Thank you Dedri.

  41. Tina says:

    I think Fin looks great he will just have to join all my other puzzle ball patterns. I think they’re great! Wish your patterns were around when my kids were small. I’m making them now as presents for the children’s ward of our local hospital.

    I usually find a you tube video to help me with any stitches I am struggling with but I am still having problems with the dogs tooth check.

  42. mary says:

    I am so excited to meet Fin. I have been crocheting for 40 years. I am just really getting into the facebook and blogging scene. I was unable to leave a comment on the bloglovin page, I must be doing something wrong. So here is my comment. I have several of you patterns at this time, and I will be starting to make them before Christmas. I have great nieces and nephews coming around and I love to give them something I have made. I am in the process of getting a blog set up and will be putting pictures of my crochet treasures and will link to the owners of the patterns. All in time.
    As you can teach old dogs new tricks.
    As for troubles with crochet, usually if I just reread the directions I usually figure it out. But some of the tutorials on line really help. I am a left hand crochet person, so, usually that is the problem. Most patterns are written for right hand crafters.

  43. Rosy says:

    Awsome!! I would love to do Fin the crochet pattern puzzle for mi littles nieces!! Please enter me in the giveaway!! regards!! :)

  44. Sharon says:

    Love, love,love Fin!! I will be making him for a charity fundraiser in Aug. It’s a silent auction and there’s always a need for children’s items. I’m primarily a toy maker….bears, dolls, and all sorts of critters, so this pattern comes at just the right time!! Thanks for sharing your talent. Have a great one!!!! Sharon

  45. DeAnna says:

    This is so cute. It is amazing how you come up with these. I am going to have to try one. soon.

    • DeAnna says:

      Aye yi yi I made comment before I looked…sorry for that. Fin is mighty fine and the stitch I struggle with is bullion stitch…that is one anyway. Have a great day and thanks for the chance.

  46. Nancy Boyer says:

    Finn is mighty fine. The finest fishy in the sea.

  47. Rae Haller says:

    I love Fin. Love the way he looks, how he’s put together, and really love the color of him. I haven’t had any problems with stitches or techniques that I could not do. Crocheting comes easy to me, and so does reading patterns. I did not have any problems with your horse either. I do have a question. I wanted to make a toy for a newborn, and just wanted to ask which you’d suggest or a newborn. I would not use a button for an eye, of course, but also did not want something that might be harmful either. Do you thin Fin would be okay for a newborn? Thanks for the info.

  48. julie says:

    Thank you for this opportunity to win this lovely new pattern. Absolutely love these puzzle amigurumi as do my grandchildren, (not quite sure which of us has the most fun). Have a lovely weekend and happy hooking luv jujus

  49. Lorienyart says:

    I think Fin is adorable I can’t wait to get him on my “hook”!!!

  50. Katherine says:

    Fin is so adorable!!!

  51. pat cooper says:

    Bullion stitch is definitely my downfall – and I love the fish – I have made a puzzle ball and I think your work is great!

  52. lyndell says:

    i’d love to enter more times for the fish pattern but i am techno-illiterate. i do love your ami animals. the octopus is magnificent and i know the perfect yarn for it. these are all brilliant.

  53. I love him… I love all of your patterns… But I certainly love Fin!
    The one and only stitch I really struggle with is a slip stitch…
    Which make your patterns even more awesome: the puzzle balls don’t use them! Yeah! ;)

  54. Katy says:

    Fin is yet another of your marvellous Amamami patterns that I want to own – I’ll have them all one day :)

  55. Mom2Eight says:

    He’s a cute fish!

  56. Cindy says:

    Love Fin & all of your puzzle patterns.

  57. Annie Wells says:

    My grandchildren ages range from 6 months to 6 years and all of them have at least one of your “Amamani” puzzles, Grace the youngest, love the amish puzzle ball, she hasn’t worked out how to take it apart yet, but I sure she will soon.
    Thank you for these patterns, the children love them as much as I love making them. I am sure the fish will be a big hit, love him xx

  58. Di Sturgess says:

    I agree that Fin if mighty fine and love all the other patterns

  59. rochelle says:

    i love your puzzle balls . i have made 2 . a tiny one and the horse . and would love to make the fish xxx

  60. Johanna says:

    Fin is so nice. I love all of your Pattern. You have so nice ideas and i ´m always surprised about it (excuse my bad English. Normally i write in German. A Fox would also be great for a “Amamani” puzzles,
    So thank you for your hard work. You make a lot of people happy.

  61. Caroline says:

    Ooooohhhhhhhh, Fin -> I LOVE HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx
    He is soooooo cute and lovely !!!


    Caroline (crealine)

  62. Barbara says:

    My biggest struggle now is taking the leap to designing my own patterns. Your skills are an inspiration! And Fin is mighty fine, too! :-)

  63. peggyfailing says:

    I love all the patterns you come up with you are a master in your field,and I sooo appreciate all your patterns.

  64. Gayla says:

    I struggle with the starting chain. I always make it to tight. After I work the first row I seem to do fine.
    Love all you puzzle ball patterns. I just found them on Ravelry..

  65. mariella says:

    very nice, I love all of them, the colors, the imagination, great!!!

  66. pam says:

    yes i do like FIN, who would look great next to my computer, and who would entertain me while I wait for lengthy downloads.

  67. agnes says:

    Is het geen schatje die lieve vis FIN. Een droppie. Net zo leuk als haar andere dieren.

  68. shelly easton says:

    love the patterns, especially the giraffe, but I had a hard time and was unable to get the additional 10 points for joining bloglovin, because the page wouldnt load to join,,,,,,

  69. Debbie says:

    Fin is adorable!!!

  70. Anne says:

    Too cute FIN…

  71. Roxanne says:

    These puzzles are so entertaining and fun. I really love FIN. These are so awesome for children and fun to knit for adults.

  72. Allison says:

    I love your puzzle patterns. FIN has limitless possibilities for little ones to play with!

  73. Flida says:

    It`s really cute fin the crochet fish puzzle! I`m just a beginner crocheter)
    Am I right, who do the highest number of entries by 18th of july – will get the 1st prize?
    Thanks a lot for your giveaway/

    • Dedri Uys says:

      Hi :) The winners will be selected at random, but you will have a higher chance if you have more entries. x

  74. Korinne says:

    I used to have a hard time with triple crochet, but practice has helped a LOT. I love your patterns!

  75. Janet Yamamoto says:

    You have some very cute patterns. I’d love to win fish pattern!

  76. Terry spears says:

    Love love love Fin!!!! Can’t wait to play with him!!!

  77. Diane says:

    Never did the puzzle ball…..seeing your patterns makes me want to try them all !

  78. Mary says:

    I can’t get enough of your great patterns. Fin is ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffaboulous!

  79. Liz says:

    Fin is mighty fine! I’ve been crocheting for less than a year and have quickly become addicted. I have a 5 month old son and love crocheting things for him. I’m sure Fin would get the chew and drool seal of approval!

  80. Rebecca says:

    This is a very cool fish, i bought a couple of your amamani patterns a few days ago and they are really neat, thank you for doing these patterns.

  81. Bertha Hawley says:

    I love Finn and I struggle with shaping, trying to get pieces to fit together.

  82. Odette says:

    your Fin is indeed mighty fine !;-) I love to learn new crochet stitches that look very complicated but give a beautiful look !

  83. Pam says:

    I love all your adorable patterns. I made your Amish Puzzle Ball and loved the way it turned out. Would love to make Fin the Fish.

  84. Nikki says:

    I just love your little animal variations of the classic puzzle ball! I am amazed how quickly you can cycle through them! I am not a slow crocheter, but I think I just have too many interests that I do a few projects and then move to something else. Mr. Fin is a pretty awesome dude and I hope to make one for my son!

  85. Nataliya says:

    I’m still impressed by your balls. These toys are not like anything else. Who will be next?

  86. Ruth D says:

    Fin is your most adorable puzzle ball yet!

  87. Tammy says:

    Wow another amazing puzzle ball toy. I struggle with the slip stitch. I always have to remind myself to so it loosely.

  88. Trang says:

    beautiful! Fin looks so funny!

  89. Sumi says:

    I still struggle with reading charts (as opposed to text instructions). I can read them, it just takes me a lot longer.

  90. Diana Kean says:

    Another wonderful pattern!

  91. Hi Dedri :)

    What I struggle with and try to avoid ;) is working ‘flat’ for afghans. I prefer to work in rounds so I always look for patterns in rounds first lol…so I tend to avoid afghans and other flat projects when I can.

    I love your puzzle crochet toys :)

    Oombawka Design

    • Dedri Uys says:

      Thank you Rhondda. I have yet to make a single afghan. I have made baby blankets, though, but like the instant gratification of small projects too much to commit myself to a huge blanket.

  92. Sherry says:

    Love this fish…could see him in Nemo colors…

  93. Linda Church says:

    I have trouble with the bullion stitch.

  94. Maggie says:

    Great giveaway, thanks for sharing!!!

  95. Chasaidy says:

    I love your Amamani patterns! I have a thing for owls, any chance you have one of those in the works?

  96. Dianna says:

    I don’t struggle with any particular stitches, but I never seem to do well with clothes/shaping garments, and I loath having to make a gauge swatch- I always just want to jump right in! Fin is incredible, and I would love to make one for my daughter’s 3rd birthday next month!! Thanks for sharing so many awesome stories, roofs, and patterns. I think it’s awesome that we both like to crochet and also decorate cakes!!

    • Dedri Uys says:

      I’ve liked you on facebook, Dianna. Cakes and Crochet Rocks! So glad to meet a fellow baker/crocheter x

  97. Susanna says:

    Being as I am from Canada, I wonder what the procedure for ordering Fin and paying involves. I am not too familiar with this site as I have never purchased through it. But, Fin is just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable and he needs to be in my collection! Any advice from you or someone else acquainted with the process will be appreciated. Keep on making these guys, soon we will all have an entire farm of animals!

    • Dedri Uys says:

      Thank you, Susanna. It’s really easy to buy patterns from Ravelry. And if you have paypal it’s even easier to pay for them.

  98. Johanne says:

    I love all your puzzles. I just completed Fin the fish crochet puzzle for my GD to bring to her daycare’s show and share day. I loved making it but did have a problem with the top and bottom fins instructions. I ended up making my own pattern for those. The funny part was when my husband and I were putting Fin together. It must have taken us 20 minutes to get it together. It was fun and I am certain my GD and her friends will have a blast. Thank you for your imagination.

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